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I found an old 2004 Clickwheel iPod in my drawer. Suggest things I can do with it?

Asked by richardhenry (12641points) January 2nd, 2008

This model:

Any ideas? Anything cool I can do with it? Is installing Linux on a black and white iPod potentially useful or fun?

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Does it still work? I recently found one of the same and got it working with a super secret “fix” i found in a thread online (banging the top right corner on my desk 3 times). Now I am just using it as a portable hard drive and an ipod, but I’m curious to see what people come up with on here…

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I am still using my “old 2004 ipod clickwheel” as my primary mp3 player… still works great!

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Yeah it works just fine! Yeah, I might use it as a HDD or something. Or maybe dismantle it and make some kind of crazy bottle MP3 player (with some old speakers). Anything to avoid revision!

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@suejester Oh yeah, there is definitely something awesome about them.

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If you come up with anything creative, please let me know, so when mine dies or someone gives me a new one I will have some ideas of how to recycle the little bugger…

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I think throwing iPod Linux on it would reward you the most “fun”. Other than that, it makes for a great portable hard drive if you think its reliable enough.

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Flash the iPod with RockBox! Opensource mp3 software for portables. A couple of my friends have done it and it’s pretty sweet!

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Either use it or sell it on ebay or in your local news paper. There’s always a kid somewhere who maybe wants an ipod for their birthday but their parents can’t quite afford a new one. =]

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