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My Apple monitor needs replacing. Any recommendations on third-party monitors?

Asked by rawpixels (2658points) June 28th, 2009

My old Apple Cinema Display isn’t looking as good as it once was (there is a distinct dark vertical area on it). LCDs aren’t supposed to get burn in, but mine has something wrong with it. I’m considering a third-party monitor, since Apple’s are so expensive. Does anyone have any recommendations on monitors that are compatible with a fairly new MacBook? I want at least 23”. Also, when you recommend something, please let me know if any kind of video adapter is necessary.

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First off, do you have the unibody aluminum macbook or the plastic one? I believe the new ones have different display ports. (But the same functionality).

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Personally, however, I like Samsung, ViewSonic, or LG monitors. They’ve always just lasted longer than others I’ve had.

Samsung example
LG example
Viewsonic example

Now for the adapter, depending on your choice of digital or RGB input, I would go with either this or this if you have a newer unibody macbook, or this or this depending on your choice or either digital or RGB output.

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@dverhey The old macbooks used Mini-DVI, the new ones uses Mini Displayport Both digital, but Mini Displayport capable of viewing much at much higher resolutions.

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I have a 24” Dell that I’ve been happy with. Very bright, has 5 video inputs, you can rotate it to a vertical position, etc. I paid $750 for it a few years ago but I think you can pick them up for $400 or less now. Definitely worth it. frequently has some really good deals on Dell and other LCD monitors. The adapter you’d need would depend on which Mac you had, but don’t use the VGA one. Much less quality with a VGA connection. Use DVI or HDMI and don’t buy a monitor that only has a VGA connection.

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