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Heck if I know.

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In actuality, our somethings are mostly nothing — empty space. See “shunyata.”

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Even nothing is something.

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I don’t believe that nothing actually exists. Not philosophically, and not from a physics standpoint. There is always something. Guess that’s why!

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There is something, and there is nothing, but they are in two different places. We are in the something.
There is no one in the nothing, because they would be something. No one can be in the nothing.
Man, I hated reading Sarte.

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“Building Nothing Out Of Something” is a great album. That I know.

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Some great answers here.

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I sometimes wonder the same thing myself, like isn’t it funny that there is life and that I exist instead of there being nothing at all?

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“Nature abhors a vacuum.” – Aristotle

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that’s a lot of bull

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I know I abhor a vacuum. That’s why my husband does the floors at our house!

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How do you know there is?

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@fyrius – Couldn’t help myself! ;-)

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The ‘Something’ that is is ‘Truth’.
The ‘Nothing’ that isn’t is ‘Untruth’.

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If the composition of the universe is random, then it is much more likely that there be something than nothing (there is only one way to have nothing, but lots of ways to have something).

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Sing it with me, y’all:

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.
Ya gotta have something
if you want to be with me!

- Billy Preston

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If you have not yet read it, I am a huge fan of Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything”. Wonderful stuff on this very subject among others from a scientific standpoint.

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It’s just a phase we’re going through.

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Everything is nothing until realised to be something

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@Nially_Bob Mmmmm, interesting. Please explain.

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I’ve found the answer…....because nothing is stupid.

thanks anyway

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That’s not true, many things are stupid.

Lol, scope ambiguity.

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It’s just a convenient way of thinking. Just because we call things by one name or another, doesn’t mean they are actually different.

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It’s one of the few ultimate questions. Like why am I me.

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I remind everyone the ultimate answer is 42

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I do believe that recent research has confirmed that Douglas Adams forgot to carry a one when he was calculating that answer. The true result is 53.

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No way. Douglas Adams wouldn’t have made a mistake like that. He knew where his towel was.

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Because if there was nothing we wouldn’t be here to ask why there isn’t something.

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