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Do people actually think that the Slipknot boys look cool in their masks?

Asked by jazzjeppe (2598points) June 28th, 2009

I think it looks stupid and silly and pathetic.

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It gives them the look of a struggling band that’s trying way too hard to work on image and not enough on making good music.

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It sells albums. In that way it is a success.

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I don’t like it but their music is cool

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I don’t like their look or their music, but it works for them and Im not going to say it’s stupid. KISS wears makeup and leotards, but they are loved. You don’t have to like it but you shouldn’t try to insult people who do.

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when i was little, their masks scared me. The masks don’t bother me now, it’s their signature look and you know who they are when you see them.

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I am a fan of Slipknot and I think the masks help identify them and their music.

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well I was once in this band and then the singer was like shy and didn’t want to sing live so our drummer decided that we should all wear masks to support the singer and help him overcome his shyness so maybe that’s why slipknot did it

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@applesaucemanny Slipknot changed their image before Corey Taylor (the lead singer of Slipknot) joined the band.

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@Alleycat8782 well I wasn’t necessarily talking about the singer, it could’ve been any one of them

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i like the one with the big spikes sticking out all over it (just to say), but i dont know much about it or why they do it (reasons or whatever), so i guess if they like it they can get on with it… =)
haven’t really heard that much of their stuff, some of it sounds good though…

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@applesaucemanny Maybe, but I think they are more used to make the unique image of their band.

I agree with @elijah I think the more appropriate question is Why do the boys from Slipknot wear their masks? Not “do people actually think that the Slipknot boys look cool in their masks?” Yes people actually do, I know it’s shocking. Being a fan, this question was pretty insulting to me.

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I think if i were a musician i would wear a mask. I really wouldnt want to be mobbed by people every time i try and go out somewhere.

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i think it says more about the people dedicating more of their critique to a band’s look than music than it does about the band themselves to be honest.

i don’t think it looks cool, but i don’t think it’s not cool. i mean, they’re probably a lot less easily recognized in ‘real life’, so that must be great for them, being real people and all. besides, some people would rather be behind a physical mask when they’re revealing personal things. it doesn’t affect me any more than the boys in guns n’ roses’ hair way back when, or steven tyler’s huge mouth.

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