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What do you on those nights when you just have to go to sleep but it's darn impossible?

Asked by jazzjeppe (2598points) June 28th, 2009

You know….
1) You are looking forward to tomorrow and you just can’t go to sleep
2) You need to go up at 3am to catch that flight
3) a combination of the above

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I normally put Solaris on (the George Clooney one) it’s so slow but has those deep humming noises you get on spaceships (apparently) and that normally gets me off to sleep.

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Take sleeping pills
Play boring music on your iPod and hope to fall asleep

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okay do a lot of exercise a while before you go to sleep but not right before you go to sleep because that will just make you stay awake more
good luck!

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I try step-by-step full body relaxation from head to toe.

I use guided imagery to lock my thoughts in a trunk until the next day.

I take long, slow breaths in and out.

I drink chamomile tea.

If none of those things work, I try reading for 30 mintues to quiet my mind.

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Lay down and listen to music knowing I’ll sleep as soon as the plan takes off, happens every time.

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I wouldn’t sleep without music because then my mind is quiet and I think, so if you don’t wanna think about the plane ride…

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Well I have a little company. So that’s how I fall asleep, on your case however it’s stress and anxiety that grips you. Here’s a list if things that might work:
Eat heavy before you sleep
Take along shower
Soothing music
Bed company(wink)
Or just KO yourself if all else fails

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I get back up and Fluther, naturally. ;)

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I play Call of Duty

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World at war? Or modern warfare?

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I play world at war

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Modern warfare.

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I lie down in bed snuggle under the duvet get my torch and read a good book… it drives my hubby mad but its the only way I can relax. He would reccomend a good bit of nookie, to make you fall asleep,but for me it onlys makes me not sleep even more!!!

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Well my little bedmate have our own methods ;)

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modern warfare, can’t wait for 2

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Great another call of duty….

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actually it has abandoned the ‘call of duty’ title, it’s started a new franchise, it will be called ‘modern warfare 2’

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T minus 10 hours + benadryl = magic

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Great modern warfare 3….this is as bad as saw.

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