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A good camera in between 200-300$?

Asked by TheCreative (1210points) June 28th, 2009

I have a 200–300$ budget and I’m looking for a camera that takes good pictures. Features don’t mean much to me unless they are actually usefull. Thanks

Also I was looking at those Flip cameras the other day and I didn’t find much about the camera. How many megapixels does it have?

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Look at Casio Exilim cameras. La_chica_gomela got one about a year ago and we both love it. Hers is pink, which she likes, but it is also full of features. It’s a point and shoot camera, so you don’t need to know about f-stops or lighting, but it has a lot of different settings so you can take shots of flowers close up, or night time portraits, or sports shots. They’re basically all labeled as modes. But it also has a Best Shot mode that will try to figure out the best mode to use. It’s usually correct, but sometimes you can get a better picture by using a specific mode.

It allows you good control over the flash also, including None, Red-Eye Reduction, Soft (we use this a lot), On, and Auto.

She has a 4GB SD card (which she bought extra) and it holds hundreds of very high quality pictures. It took us about a year to get close to filling it up at all, and we take a lot of pictures.

It lets you review your pictures with a nice color LCD screen. And it has a nice feature that if you hold down the left or right buttons while in Play (review pictures) mode, it will speed through all the pictures on the card. Not only is this better than pushing the button 300 times, but it’s actually quite pleasing to see “your life flash before your eyes”. We took some pictures of ourselves in slightly varying poses to make a kind of stop motion animation when we scan through the pictures. It’s fun!

It also takes video, but it’s only good for catching a moment at a party or something. I tried to use it to take video of snow so I could model snowflakes for some programming I was doing, but the snow flakes were blurred from frame to frame.

It interfaces with a computer WITHOUT installing a bunch of stupid software, which I like. Basically, your computer just sees it as an external hard drive. Since I hate worthless software cluttering my computer, this works great. No idea if it works with Macs though. If your computer has an SD card reader built in (my laptop does), you can read it directly instead of connecting the camera via USB.

The battery life is very good. We sometimes forget to charge it, but that’s our fault. It will hold a charge for weeks and weeks if it isn’t used often, and for days if you use it a lot. It charges in about 8 hours.

Finally, we don’t have this one, but they have recently made one which does shoot high quality video, including high speed video (up to 1000 frames per second!). I have it on my wish list and hope I can get it soon.

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@timothykinney Thanks! That ssounds great! It’s just a bit over 300$ so i guess ill try and save the extra 50$. Also that no software thing is a very good feature. I was complaining about camera software earlier and how pointless it is. Also, i’m sure it will work for macs. All my cameras are recognizes by my Macs Camera Photo importing program. Thank you for your response. Ill be sure to take a look.

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i’m really fond of canon point-and-shoots. there are many models to chose from and most come with very useful presets and allow for more control if you get to that point. work without software on vista and mac. and my A630 is an 8 megapixel thing. good luck!

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The Sony Cybershot DSC-H10 is a really great camera, with a lot of really awesome features that are very practical. Image stabilization, auto focus, red-eye reduction, face reading capabilities (meaning it won’t take a picture if someone’s eyes are closed, if their mouth is hanging open, etc.) It’s a full HD camera and it takes amazingly clear, crisp pictures. 8.1 mega pixels, 10x optical zoom.

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As far as Point and Shoot’s go I’m really a fan of the Pentax range, especially the Optio ‘W’ range. These cameras are 100% waterproof to a good depth and the picture and video quality is actually pretty good. I Recommend the W60, it’s a mid-range PAS and is only about US$270

Oh and DrasticDreamer when you say ‘full HD Camera’ are you talking about picture or video?

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@joeysefika Both pictures and video.

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I have a Canon Powershot SX110 IS and i LOVE it. It cost 250 normally i believe, but i got it for 200 on a black friday deal.

Here’s some sample shots

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Canon PowerShot SD780 IS is a small pocket camera (really does easily fit in your pocket) with 12 MP and HD video recording. I think it’s around $230. Only 3X digital zoom, however.

For something with more zoom, the Canon SX 110 IS is excellent. 9 MP, costs in the 200s, and has 10X zoom.

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10x optical and 40x digital. Its actually quite clear still even when zoomed all the way to 40x.

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I think there are Exilim’s within your price range. The link I posted is the new one with the 1000 fps capability. But I think La_chica_gomela got hers for about $250.

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@DrasticDreamer, oh ok its just that Full HD for photo’s really isn’t much seeing as a 6.1MP sensor takes 2000×3000 pixel images

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Anything by Sanyo kicks butt!

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