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How far can you take "sold as is"?

Asked by Lothloriengaladriel (1550points) June 28th, 2009 from iPhone

I sold my xbox on amazon, it has an open tray errror, I included sold as is in my discription, will this keep me safe?

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Did you tell the buyer about the open tray error? In my mind you should have, since you knew about it yourself.

It seems that you feel as if you have not been fully straightforward when selling this xbox. Regardless of legal consequences.

“Sold as is” will keep you legally safe, it will not shield you from feeling guilty.

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Well it depends, is the buyer a psychopath that wants to kill you becuz he/she feels decieved?

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“As Is” doesn’t automatically mean you can deceive the buyer. It simply means you have disclosed the defects as you know them, and they buyer chooses to accept the condition you presented. If you fail to fully disclose, you can still be found at fault.

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Selling “as is” just means that you are selling it as it is and that you aren’t offering a guarantee on the quality of the product or returns because it’s not working right. It has nothing to do with the actual product. I am selling my used iPod “as is” on eBay. There is NOTHING wrong with it, I am just selling as is because I don’t want fufill returns or be yelled at if it breaks within 5 days of getting it. See what I mean?

You also need to disclose what’s wrong with it when you sell “as is”. You will be at fault if the buyer complains. You can’t say “oh well I sold it as is so I can’t take it back” because you never disclosed the tray problem…thus you’re at fault.

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