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Can you tell me about a time that you encountered (or believe you encountered) a ghost or any supernatural being?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25310points) June 28th, 2009

I love genuine “ghost” stories.

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So odd you just posted this, I was just reading this.

Talk about stories!

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Nope. Can’t say I can.

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That’s never happened to me, not even in my days of drug experimentation.

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I have, when I has 10 I was being chased by bullies and one of them went to far and started to wail on me. I remember I was bleeding bad, then I felt like a cold shiver down my spine. I felt, life, strength. I remember throwing him off like he weighted nothing. I went home, more like ran. When I got to my room, I felt weak. I collapsed on my bed and saw I thought I saw a white mist come out of me, took the shape of a female apperition. She vanished, strange thing is when in times of need, I feel her presence around me, and I feel her voice in my ear whispering. Sometimes she comes out into the open, when I’m alone. And just talks, just wanting to talk.

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I’ve seen plenty of unexplainable things, but to assume they were ghosts or something supernatural would be presumptuous. Besides, I don’t believe in ghosts because I have yet to see extraordinary proof of such things.

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Well ghosts are real in my experience.

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When I was like 10 years old i used to live in a trailer. I herd some voices one night and was creeped out. I climbed to the top of the Bunk Beds with my brother, but he was damn dead asleep. I still kept hearing the voices and then decided to go to my parents’ room. As I was walking down the hall I saw a shadow like a demon(since i always thought he looks like this… I got the chills and then screamed and went running to the other side of the hall. While trasspassing him, it was like icyhot. I started to knock on my parent’s door and when my dad opened it he got so mad at me and sent me back to my room. I ended up crying the whole night. It was the worst night of my life. I remeber one week before that i was talking to my friends about me wanting to do the ouija board thingy..never going to do it…

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OMG THATS BAAL! The Assyrian spirit of death and animals. Not good.

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Look I bless you in the name of the father son and holy ghost….amen.

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@TheWatcher I was baptized after that…

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All the same baptism is different then being protectivly blessed.

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The demon may still huant you, but is not showing it’s self now.

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@TheWatcher my grandma…MAY REST IN PEACE… used to see dead women in the hacienda where she lived….the place was a battlefield for a mexican war…(I don’t know which war:()

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The Mexican-American war?
The Mexican war?
The Spanish-American war?

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@TheWatcher I don’t know… wasn’t the Mexican American War.
I don’t know anything about the Mexican War and I come from Spanish ancestors, so probably it’s the Spanish-American war…

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Ah….well they are just spirits trapped within their time. They mean no harm.

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@TheWatcher yeah…I agree but the experience I had was horrible…I can’t even go to the bathroom in the middle of the night

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Don’t worry. If you feel afraid, just say these words. Nahima vara raha.

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@TheWatcher what does that mean?

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@TheWatcher I’m not afraid of fear…? in Polish

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It means I’m not afraid yes. You speak polish?

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@TheWatcher nope… I just googled it. Thank God there’s Google :)

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Well don’t worry. If theres anything you need in spiritual wise just ask ok?

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Oh yes…..when i was a kid, me and my best friend loved to build forts. well..we were in the woods about 2 miles out and we were working on the inside of our fort, which was actually in a tree bush type of thing, we carved all of the twigs out from the inside so we could go inside of it. Anyways, we were just making some “wall” type things with dead ferns when i looked up and seen a man in a hunting suit (when it was middle of summer, no hunting at this time) and this “thing” i don’t even know if i can call it a man, it had literally nothing there where the face was, i swear it was just complete blackness. i freaked and started running, and just like in the scary movies, i tripped over a huge tree root. we both ran and ran until we got to the road in front of my friends house, when we just looked at each other like “what was that?” I swear i have never been so scared in all my life. to this day, i can remember exactly what “it” looked like. Oh man, it was bad….i had nightmares literally for months afterward. pertaining to this subject, have you seen the movie, “A Haunting in Connecticut?” wow, is that ever scary and it really makes you wonder just what is out there!!!!!

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That movie scared me, after that movie I blessed my house 4 times

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When our cat illegally entered our bedroom through an open window one night, sneaking around our bed and suspecting mice hiding under my wife’s blanket.

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When i was 12 i went to greeley and my aunt has some property out there and on her property there is an old abandoned school house when you stand at the top of the stairs leading to the basement you can feel the presence of evil like there were tortured or raped children it was creepy

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@angelic_fire_hazzard55555 you could feel the presence of raped children? pretty oddly specific ghost vibes you’ve got in that building, eh?

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I do work with Shamanism and participate in Shamanic journey work. On one occasion I insistently asked for the name of the spirit guide I was working with. The spirit guide seemed angered by this but gave me his name. I looked it up. It meant “of god” in spanish.

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