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Anyone have a good recommendation for a cell phone rental company in Paris?

Asked by andrew (16375points) June 28th, 2009 from iPhone

Waiting in Boston before the long flight! And don’t worry… It’s all being documented and a podcast will be forthcoming.

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I rented a phone from Vodafone when I went to Italy but I made arrangements before I left.

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We’ve used these guys for France. Very nice folks to deal with, and reasonable rates. We too had gotten the phones before leaving, but they also provide phones there. Look at the section for European residents (it’ll be good French practice).

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We rented from Vodafone on a previous trip; made the arrangements here and got the phone there. Have a good flight!

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Bon voyage, Andrew! Have a fabulous time. Do you know about the Saturday night dancing along the Seine? My friend and I stayed at a funky little hotel near the Austerlitz station the night before traveling to the southwest by train, and we strolled down to the Seine that warm Saturday evening in July. All along the river front were tiny little amphitheaters with dance floors featuring different dance styles, from pop to tango, and people could just come along and dance or watch while lighted Seine cruise barges glided by. So very Parisian.

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