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What do men mean, when they say they want a woman with an open mind?

Asked by mally03 (310points) June 28th, 2009
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It means they want to do freaky stuff that most women they date do not want to do.

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It means that…

1) They are kinky and want a woman who doesn’t have ahem traditional sexual ideas.
2) They are odd in their political/religious beliefs and want someone who won’t be critical.
3) Weird past, weird hobbies, etc.

It can be 1 or more of the above…or something else. If you’re curious, then ask.

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I can translate: in male open mind means slut in the bedroom.

Closed mind means can’t get a blowjob.

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Yeah—my first impulse was to say they want an open mind in the bedroom. But possibly also open to new experiences elsewhere like hiking or repelling or skiing or sushi or whatever. They might just really like to try new things.

Mostly in the bedroom.

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Yea what they said, kinky, sex-crazy, not afraid to experiment, then again I don’t mind a girl who is independent, but yes I admit open mind = XXXX

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@EmpressPixie None of the men I’ve ever heard use the phrase “open minded” in the context of dating were talking about intellectual pursuits. The last guy I heard use that phrase broke up with his last girlfriend because she wouldn’t do anal.

He’s not a friend

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Open-minded = Work it like a porn star in the bedroom. Preferably with him and her 3 best friends.

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Anal? that don’t seem that…..well nvm.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic: I’m trying to keep an open mind about the term.

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XXXX = unspeakable yet pleasuresble

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It means he wants her to do a “2 girls, 1 man” thing in bed. Soon.

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They’re married but don’t want to admit to it

They have a f/t girlfriend/wife but want an additional p/t one

They want a sex partner to share with their favorite guy friend (at the same time)

They have sexually transmittables

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Threesome? Well yes makes sense, but you know, in a guys mind, 2 girls are never enough :)

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It doesn’t always have to mean sexual stuff…

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@EmpressPixie brings up some more key terms to be defined.
Sushi eating hikers- lesbians camping trips with him and her girlfriend.
male is not an easy language

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My gf is bisexual but I don’t mind.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic: Excellent point of the anal sex! I forgot to add that to the list of shite I’ve heard.
I always say, “after you…” so far no takers. ha ha ha pussies.

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most guys that i know tell me that they want a girl that is open minded as in that they want her to be open to new things and know how to express themselves in the open….to have their(her) own opinions and share them in public….

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thanks, for all the eye opening answers.

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probably someone down with the Cleveland Steamer action.

or an open skull.

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We guys don’t want a woman with an open mind. We want a woman with open legs.

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And mouths ;)

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In my experience and practice it just means that anything is open to discussion by either party. Nothing wrong with that. But no means nyuh-uh and that is that unless the naysayer brings it up again. But no getting all pissy if it is brought up for discussion.

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@TheWatcher- Well, that depends.

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No gag reflex.

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Omg you did not just go there! LOL!

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You know, I don’t know the exact pronunciation but I believe it’s “Manage A Trois.”

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Finally a native speaker.

Male is really not complex.
We want to eat, sleep and see someone naked daily. If those three could be combined succesfully life would be complete and have no further purpose.

Ménage à trois

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