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Of the objects in the room you are currently in which do you believe is most easily comparable to humanity in general?

Asked by Nially_Bob (3841points) June 28th, 2009

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My collection of melée weapons. They represent the evolution of mankinds struggled and his journey to be the dominant force. It represents the need to fight for what you strive to achieve in it.

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My dressing table mirror reflects whatever is in front of it just as we do for one another.

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The cat litter box. It reminds me of all the crap we have to put up with in life.

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@Grisaille You are representative of humanity? How so?

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Because I am human. I am complex series of atoms: infinitesimal as individuals, yet capable of sentience as a whole. I am constricted to the laws of physics. I am an object, I take up space in the universe; no amount of intellect can stop my body from being absorbed into it. So physically, I represent humanity because I share the same fate as everyone else; dust to dust, as it were.

Beyond that:

I have faith, yet am Atheist. I am a conglomerate of ethnicities, yet am only one nationality. I love, play, hate and anger; I lust, become sad, fear and feel pride. I am arrogant yet insecure. I am human and represent humanity – if only because I experience the same wondrous range of emotions as everyone else in the world. No other object in this room can claim that.

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My memory box.

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My guitar. Left idle, who knows what beauty it can create? Similar to humans, it needs to be given the freedom for creative expression

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My metal spork. It’s the perfect metaphor for the duality of man.

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The telescope. Humanity: always looking for something different, bigger, better, while tripping all over the things that are right in front of them.

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@TheWatcher: Does your girlfriend know she’s an object?

@tinyfaery: Awesome. I’d give you multiple GAs for that if I could.

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No not as an object….but as a neccesity. The woman.
Giver of life, and is the bane of emotion. A world without the female species would be nonexistant. The see to daily needs and work. But if you look through human history. Women have shown remarkable achievements
Marie curie
Queen Elizabeth
Princess diana
Susan B. anthony.
Eve. From the bible
Our ancient mother of humanity, from her womb came the first roots of the human race.

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My drum set, it shows how much life has striked

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I’m in a library. If anything, it’s the rows and rows of books on the shelves which are probably most representative of humanity. For each individual book represents a person. Each book presents a certain time, was made in a certain era and has the characteristics of whoever created and authored it. And all together, they make up one rich and fulfilling experience known as the library.

So many different facets of humanity represented in one place. I think it’s pretty mindblowing when you think about it.

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@Grisaille You make many good points. I stand corrected.
@MacBean Awesome, just..awesome
@lillycoyote Is there any piece in there that you particularly like if you don’t mind my asking
@tinyfaery I like that :)
@Tink1113 Ba-doom chish ;)

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What I get no credit too :O

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@TheWatcher I’m working on it Watcher. It’s 5am here so you have to cut me some slack :)
Women are an excellent representation of humanity in so much as they give birth to humans and are (obviously) humans themselves but offering examples of women who have performed great feats does not support such particularly well given that there are men who have arguably performed equally impressive feats.
@Saturated_Brain The passing on of knowledge from generation to generation, it’s a bizarre thought. To a degree I almost feel that the library doesn’t represent humanity well simply because it seems ‘above’ us.

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True but just becuz men can do it don’t mean women can’t either! bear with me I’m just sucking up to my gf

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Women always under mens thumbs have struggled against all odds to achieve recognition.

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@Nially_Bob Above us? But these ideas come from us.

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@Nially_Bob I took a picture of the box for you. Kadosh Box It’s rather a random melange of memories, mostly of people and creatures that I have loved and lost. Locks of hair from my parents, both deceased, from my cats, both deceased, notes, photographs, my bug ball (a memory of someone who is alive!) a little of this a little of that, it a mishmash of memories and artifacts of people, memories, love, generations, creatures like humanity.

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The refrigerator. It’s large, made of metal, and plastic, runs on electricity, and is full of all kinds of food that comes from all over the world.

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My Madagascar Cockroach community. The males are agressive with one another, the females are communal and just try to stay out of the way, and the small offspring are blithely unaware of the whole thing, content to play, eat, poop and run to the adults when danger looms. Right now the males aren’t fighting, they are just sitting around. All they need now are tiny easy chairs and a sports program to watch on a tiny television.

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@lillycoyote Thank you for the photo Lilly, I too have a memory box (though judging by its size ‘memory lunchbox’ would likely be a more fitting term) and feel it does represent the experiences i’ve had and my feelings towards them. What are the kanji markings if you don’t mind my asking? They caught my eye.

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