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My sister-in-law is going to Italy next month. What should I ask her to bring back for me?

Asked by MissAusten (16142points) June 28th, 2009

She’s asked if there’s anything my husband and I would like from Italy, but the things we’d most like her to pick up for us (wine, wine, and some more wine), I don’t think they can bring into the country. Or can they? What are some other options? I’m sure it would help to know where in Italy they are going, but I don’t, so just wing it!

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Wine, cheese, coffee beans, and/or some piece of italian art.

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Aye, recipes, real italian recipes, not the stereotypical Italian food we Americans think is Italian.

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Why would you want Italian wine if there are imports in major liquor stores including from Italy all around US?
Get something like a Pinocchio puppet or Venitian Masks.

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I agree with seVen, foods are easily imported. Art or dolls and toys are a more unique gift.

And I mean, after the food and wine is consumed, what do you have left? You’re just washing that gift down the toilet [literally, not figuratively.] Get something…keepable. :D

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Ask her to bring back something she encountered that she unexpectedly loved. ie. I discovered that the local soap while I was traveling in turkey was infinitely superior to even spa quality soaps found in the US.
I know, I know, it’s just soap, right?
But it’s something I’d never have known without traveling there first.

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Great suggestions—you can see where our priorities are, since we immediately thought of alcohol and food. Sheesh!

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They can bring wine back, but they can also ship it back and that might be easier because later transit could be difficult. You could also ask for some nice glass. Perhaps… wine glasses? Though the Italian art glass I’ve seen, I have to be honest, was more pendants and pens than glasses.

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There are beautiful paper products in Florence, with marbling designs. I have an address book I bought there over 15 years ago that I still use and love. They may have such things elsewhere in Italy as well.

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Bring back venician swords!!

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A friend of mine brought me back a crucifix blessed by the pope. I’m not catholic, but he is. It was a nice gesture.

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cool. I got a bible from the Vatican. Custom and everything. With the Vatican seal

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A really nice purse or wallet. Italian leather goods are wonderful.

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A Pope bobble-head doll?

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Leather Gloves

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A Ferrari.

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Ask for proscuitto, or a small wheel of parmasean chese, the parma ham here in the us has to be aged an extra 200 days before import so it tastes very different and its fantastic!

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Parma ham ;) mmmmmmm….


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Last night I threw together a tray of antipasto for some dinner guests, and even though the prosciutto was very good, I kept thinking about what my sister-in-law might be eating in Italy at that very moment. :( Poor me!

Anyway, I told her to surprise me with something she comes across and loves, like @noelasun suggested. I prefer surprises, and she’s wonderful at picking out things like that. Still trying to squash all this jealousy!!

btw @Wine3213 My father in law already requested the Ferrari!

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