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If you were in a horror movie, when would you die?

Asked by Sariperana (1447points) June 28th, 2009

People die in the beggining, the middle and some people survive. Everytime i watch a scary flick, i find myself commenting on the stupid errors that these soon to be slaughtered people make – like running upstairs to a dead end, running to an abandoned house for protection. I know it is just a movie, but if i was in a horror movie, i think i would be one of the one who survives to go onto a poorly made sequel…! Where do you think that you would end up?

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I also comment on the stupid decisions people make, but I have to be honest. I’d probably die early on.
I can’t run to save my life. Quite literally in this example.
Running is imperative to surviving in these movies it seems.

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I want to be the first one to die…
1. I don’t care if I die
2. I just want to get it over with
3. I don’t like watching other people die/suffer
4. if I survive I’m still going to die in the second movie…

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probably during the requisite “romp in the barn”.

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Bah! I’ll be the hero who ends up killing the villian :)

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I’m the one who decides not to put themselves in that situation in the first place.

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Then I die of old age…. :)

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Actually, I was in a horror movie called Shivering Inside, and I didn’t die at all. My character wasn’t a particularly nice person, having been a witch involved with a coven that sacrificed orphans in order to create zombies, but she was smart enough not to go into dark hallways, deserted houses, or graveyards.

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i would survive.
I would be son goku.
no one can beat me.

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@ragingloli DragonBall Z? alright…

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I’m cell in my perfect form!

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I would die in the middle because I can’t run that fast either. I would not die in the beginning by going up in the attic to see what the noise is (in a bikini top and short shorts).

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I would be the distance runner in the Nike add that out runs the out of shape fat guy wielding the chainsaw.

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I’d be the one who would fall down the stairs while running from the killer. I’m a klutz.
Or I’d be the one who just falls over and dies from fright, I’m a scaredy cat.
Or I’d be the one who would survive because I run the fuck away in flat shoes and have my keys ready, I feel no need to be a hero.

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I would die in the end trying to save this girl that I like. Then she cries for me and avenges me :) oh yea!

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I don’t know, but I better last longer than the black guy.

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Hahaha! Wow the black guy? Y Is it that he survives the longest? Is it becuz he’s black? Y just y?

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It’s kind of a running joke that the black guy in a movie, especially a horror movie, if he’s not the main character, will get killed off first or at least early in the movie.

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Or just last. Sumtimes. Look at holloween, or freddy vs Jason.

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@TheWatcher haha funny my friends and I were just talking about those three movies like 3 days ago…(Halloween, friday the 13th, and Nightmare…)

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I took a quiz about this on facebook and according to my answers I am pretty inconsequential and would go somewhere in the middle of the film. Whatever!

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@SuperMouse I took it on myspace and said i would be the one that survived but nahh, i’ll probably just die of a heart attack…

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I’d be the guy crossing the street in the beginning of the movie.

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I’ll be the serial killer, or the drunk guy who notices nothing.

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yes, @Allie would fall over running away from the killer, after we were in the barn together.

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I’d survive to be in the next sequels. And I’d survive and survive and survive. I’m a survivor.

Just like Cindy Campbell.

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I was a zombie in a professional haunted attraction, so I would probably survive to the end. Hell, I think I might be the axe murderer chasing all you bikini clad college coeds into the woods.

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Allie? Wow is she good looking?

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Allie is drop-dead [lolz, horror movie pun] gorgeous.

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Wish I could see a picture. Lol. Well I’m sure her charms might stem the monster after all, beauty tamed the beast. :)

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I’d be the idiot who always falls down while running.

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I’d be that kid who cindy keeps forgetting or accidents happen to.

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@MacBean Aww, thanks.

Edit: ... and @eponymoushipster.

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yeah, seriously, @Allie is extremely beautiful.

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Wow allie you a model or sumthing, don’t worry if bad guy comes….you’ll be safe with me :)

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I’m too much of a coward to be the cocky/stupidly inquisitive person that gets knocked off in the beginning, and I am decently athletic, so I would probably live through the middle bits. I couldn’t be the male romantic interest, because I could never get with someone who wears high heels, and we all know that the female lead in any self-respecting horror movie has to wear impractical shoes (hell, if they’re above two inches, the tentacle beast can have her). I might get away with being the quiet guy who actually figures out how to save everyone’s asses, but failing that, I figure I’m pretty dispensable. So I would probably get taken out during the final showdown.

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I would just be the guy who kills the killer. And kills him again in the second part, and then dies in 3rd

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I’d die at the end of the movie.

…but then my eyes open. dun dun dun!

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I would totally live, I wouldn’t wait for anyone, and my special skill is running away from things and screaming.

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At the very beginning of the movie so I wouldn’t have to go through the rest of it (not a big horror movie fan).

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I’d just be somebody’s mom, listening to my kid being killed because she called me to say goodbye. :’(

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@augustlan But then everyone would laugh because it was all just an April Fool’s joke, right?!!

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@loser What a terrible prank that would be! Then I’d have to kill her myself! :\

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@loser – like in the movie April Fools Day I love that B rated movie. I had such a crush on the lead actress in that film. Man she new how to bite a lower lip!

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I would just like to be one of those random people the killer encounters and decides to kill in an overly exaggerated way just because they were in the vicinity. This way there is no horrible acting by running to some dead end or trying to crawl through a doggie door, just straight carnage without reason. Isn’t that what the viewers are really looking for?

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I’d be the idiot who goes to investigate the weird noise outside the cabin. With nothing for protection but a Maglite. Probably in bare feet, too. (I’ve done this in real life. It was just a bear in the birdseed bin. But I live about ten miles from a maximum security prison, so you never know when it could be an escapee. :D)

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I would be where the author of the scenario wanted me to be.

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I move slower then a zombie so the opening scene right after the credits would be me dead and people wondering what could have eaten my head.

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I would be the guy who stands in between the girl and the killer with a chainsaw, as if my body stands a chance against a saw!

Me = Get out of death free. Good for one redemption only.

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I think I’d survive, because I’d find the best hiding place and then escape while the guy is killing others.

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I’d die at the start what’s the point in wasting all that energy running around screaming and trying to escape just to get killed anyways!!

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@sakura – The longer you last in a SAG movie, the more you get paid, so there is that slight perk to surviving. And then there are the sequels.

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yeh but I’d rather take the glory of having a long dying scene at the start!! Coz I’m such a fab actress I’d make such a impression everyone would want me to die first in all their movies ;) More movies for me :) And I’d be that mysterious lady that always dies first in movies double :0)

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@sakura – Sounds like the way folks compete to be the corpses in CSI.

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Think I’d like that isn’t there a really dishy detective in CSI he can handle my dead bits I’m sure he’d ressurect them back to life!!

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@sakura – There are several depending on which CSI you watch. I was watching CSI NY today (we finally broke down and I got my husband one of those giant plasma TVs) and I greatly enjoyed watching Dr. Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper) in HD. Now he is some eye-candy for sure!

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hehehe this programmes sure are a fun way of sneakily watching some hotties without your hubby realising!

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If I am ever in a horror movie, I want @drClaw with me since he will be standing between chainsaw dude and damsel in distress (me).

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I’m the killer. Not the victim.

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I’ll be the old woman who serves up the mood-setting scary yarn or ancient prophecy or shivery rumor, complete with dire warning that everybody ignores. They’ll find me lying in some contorted pose, with bulging eyes and protruding tongue, just about as they’re starting to realize that this is going to get nasty.

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We should totally make this film.

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the first 5 min. of the movie

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I would be the humble sidekick that’s with the protagonist right up to the end…until I am buried in rubble or cut into tiny pieces inches from freedom. The main character is a few steps in front of me, so they make it. I am Sean Astin.

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I would be the unassuming friend who brings out a homemade apple pie for the stressed out protagonist, and who listens to the protagonist when he/she confides his/her fear of confronting the evil alien/monster/demon. I might say something helpful, but more likely totally random and tangential. Then I would get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and die in a totally unexpected and sad moment. Then somebody would hopefully remember to play Elvis singing “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” at my funeral, during which the killer would be lurking in the shadows.

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when i step on a bear trap and a bear comes for my other foot and her cubs chew off my arms, and then the lumbering zombies finish off the rest of my body.

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I’m the guy that does EVERYTHING to survive- Use infants as human shields, try to outrun the person next to me etc.
So yeah I’m that bastard that always ends up getting killed first…

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