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What's that game where you write something on a post it and stick it on someone's forehead?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) June 28th, 2009

I saw a video clip of the artist David Archuleta singing the song Crush and in that video there was a bunch of teenagers and they were playing a game, I think. They wrote something on a post it and stick it on the forehead of a person then later that person removes the post it and he/she reads it.
What is the name of the game? And how do you actually have to play it?

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That might be the one where you have to wear the name of a famous person and go around asking people yes-and-no questions (“Am I still alive? Am I a woman? Am I an entertainer?”) until you guess your name.

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There’s also a game where each person write anything they want on a piece of paper, and then you put them all in a hat, and each person choses one without looking, and tapes it to their forehead. Then everyone has to go around in a circle and guess what their says. I played it once. It was incredibly boring. I think they called it “idiot” or something like that…

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Celebrity Heads?

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Its where someone gives you a name and sticks it to your forehead (postit notes sounds more pleasant than the duct tape my family have used in the past) and you go around guessing who you are by asking questions, when you get a wrong question, its the next persons turn.

Eg: (Tinkerbell)
Am i female (YES)
Am i fictional? (Yes)
Am i brunette (no) – next persons turn.

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That’s exactly the same answer that I gave.

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@Jeruba i think you may have forgotten to mention the name of the game…?

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