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Have you ever eaten food you weren't supposed to?

Asked by ADRIlostherMIND (24points) June 28th, 2009

I saw a commercial for some cat food the ingredients were salmon, chicken, grains, and greens. This sounds pretty healthy but I would never eat it. Have you ever eaten any food that wasn’t meant for humans? and if so how was it? AND WHY!!?

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No, but I have eaten food I wasn’t supposed to.

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I tasted my cat’s food once just because… well, I’m not sure why… because it was there. I prefer human food.

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Everynight I sneak in to the kitchen and eat all the chocolat…I blame it on my dog…

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I’ve always been a big baby about that kind of thing. Never tasted pet food, dirt, Play Doh, or any of those other things kids are always tasting. Nothing that I can remember, at least.

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@DominicX LOL, I remember… I think you asked or answered a similar question on that other site whose name we shall not utter… I think your brother tasted Play Doh though, right? The only reason you knew what it tasted like was because he told you it tasted salty. :)

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I can’t believe you remember that…I barely remember that…lol :P

But yeah, he did, and he did say it tasted salty. If it tastes anything like it smells, it doesn’t sound very pleasant…

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ooh I remember, I used to eat Dirt from the garden…almost a worm once

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I still eat gerber meat sticks. It’s a type of baby food. And yes I eat dog buiscuts and ate some cesars dog food. It’s not all that bad.

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I was about 2 or 3 and tried to eat a yellow jacket once. I’ll never make that mistake again.

Yellow jacket ≠ food

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I went for a squirrel once….not a pretty sight.

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Toothpaste. You know those fruity-flavoured ones? It smelt nice. And it tasted nice.

I think I must’ve been scolded or something, because I never did it again.

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I used to love to get into my grandma’s fridge and eat baking soda. I also used to sneak raw hot dogs. Well, I know they’re pre-cooked, but that’s pretty gross thinking back on it…

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I used to snack on clover and other green, leafy things in the backyard when I was about 3 or 4. They were actually rather tasty, as I recall. I think there’s a cookbook on how to prepare those sorts of wild plants, isn’t there?

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@hopscotchy- We’re not supposed to eat boogers? Damn.

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I have ate cat biscuits , they are tasty i gave my brother some also he liked them .
Try them they were Go-Cat ( that may be Kat ) .

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The fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

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No way that it is for human consumption. Cant even get my dog to eat it.
Unless I mix it with a little dog food.

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I ate stuff off the floor a lot when I was a kid. Just didn’t care. I was always like “ah, I’ll just brush the dirt off…” One time I ate this dirt and rock covered skittle off the my junior high schoolyard just to prove I would. had absolutely no clue how long it had been there. It was crunchy :D

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3 second rule works wonders .

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That skittle was there WAY longer than 3 seconds…

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I watched a kid the other day .
Walk down the street eating a sticky bun , it dropped on the pavement right next to dog turds . Picked up the bun and finished it off , non of the adults were bothered about the turds right next to it .

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whoa, hell no. I always drew the line at anything even remotely close to being excrement. If it was my kid I’d slap that bun out his hand like a lightning strike.

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It must of been tasty kid was laughing and hee-heeing while eating it . Was the worst thing i have seen .
Not that this makes it any better , it was one of those wet poops( splat)

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wow. just wow. children services anyone?

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Always, it’s all about the taste anyhows huh?

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i sometimes eat hamster food, because there is all kind of seeds that humans can normaly eat

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