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If plastic water bottles will kill you, are there any non-plastic water bottles that connect with camping water filters like the MSR Waterworks?

Asked by darwinsbulldog (103points) December 7th, 2006
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plastic water bottles definitely won't kill you, so don't stay awake at night worrying about your nalgene. especially if you're only using cold water. Your best bet is just not to use the nalgene for tea or other hot beverages.
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occ, gotta disagree with you on that one, darling, sorry....nalgenes are the way they are because they contain bisphenol A, one of the ingredients that the EU has banned in childrens toys, as well as san francisco's recent ordinance. drinking warm beverages is worse out of nalgenes or any plastic for that matter.... it wont KILL you per se, but if you drink out of a nalgene for years and years and expose yourself to lots of plastic products and have children, well...lets just say they've come out with some recent studies about babies genitals coming out small and messed up.... that said, take a metal water bottle camping, it will fit relatively well and shouldnt be such a big deal with your water pump.... or can the nalgene except for during special occassions like backpacking and you'll be fine
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a lot of people are using those gas cans you can buy at outdoor stores. Worth looking into. The water tastes better anyhow
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Where can I read more information about this?

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