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Anyone know of any guitar friendly watches ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4412points) June 29th, 2009

My current watch is an adidias with a stainless steel wristband, i am looking for a watch that doesnt have any metal on the wristband. Mainly so i can wear it while playing guitar and not scratch them , i don’t want one of those wide leather straps they look silly . I just want something that wont make my wrist sweat too much, do you have any ideas ?
Am not too keen on digital faces ,

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Hmmm I don’t know of any brand ones, but you can get a wristband and cut a hole so it’s as big as your watch face, then put it in top of it and play. But I usually take my bracelets, rings off before

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Yea i normally take it off but the clasp is a little tight, when i try putting it back on it takes forever . I cant get a new stainless steel band nor can it be fixed , even asked the guy if he could attach a different band he said no cause of how it is . He would have to cut the band and that would make it weak.

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Okay, two things:

First: What’s wrong with leather straps? :[ They’re quite classy in my opinion. I have an Invicta pearl-face with black leather straps, I find it compliments my guitar quite well.

Secondly: How loose is the watch? Might I suggest tightening it up? Generally, steel wristbands are linked and you can remove a section; have you though of doing that?

Also, what style do you play? I can’t imagine your watch getting in the way that much, as long as you are using proper form.

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The band is as tight as can go , leather makes me sweaty . And the wristband hits the guitar body , as i wear my watch on my picking hand so the watch always gets in the way regardless of form.
My avatar is my guitars

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I see, can’t help ya then.

As an aside, have you tried a kind of “floating hand” technique? If I’m tremolo picking, I keep my hand and wrist above the body, keeping my pinky finger right under the high string, bracing my hand (if I’m not hitting it, of course). Are you any good at fingerstyle? It helps a bunch in terms of getting down good form where no part of your hand/wrist is touching the guitar.

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How about a pocket watch instead of a wristwatch?

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I really don’t want to change the way i play, but thanks for the advice .
Pocket watch good idea , tho if i wanted to know the time i couldn’t just have a quick peak .

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@sandystrachan I have the same problem but I just take mine off, or you could just put it on your fretting hand

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I normally do take it off , as above stated the clasp has become very stiff takes ages to lock it again.
I have tried it on my left wrist, but feels very strange and starts to hurt after a while .

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@sandystrachan so…. you can’t just buy a new watch and put it on your fretting hand?

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I don’t like watches on my left hand . I wouldn’t need a new watch if i switched to left hand wearing . But it really does hurt so much there .

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@sandystrachan why would it hurt when you put it on your left wrist

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I’ve known some guitarists who carried pocket watches, and I never thought about any connection until now. I just thought it was kind of cool the way they reached into their pocket and pulled out this nifty watch on a chain. There’s some style to that.

For quick peeks you need a clock on the wall. You can’t sneak a peek at your wrist without being seen to do so. May as well reach in your pocket. Anyway, when you’re performing, you can set the pocket watch on the stool next to you, where you have your glass of water and possibly your ashtray, and read it more easily than a wristwatch.

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Fossil has a huge bunch of leather bindings. they’re my favorite brand at least.

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My suggestion would be to either wear it on the other hand or not wear it while playing.

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You can take the watch off while playing.

I don’t know anything about watches. I don’t wear them. ...Sorry…

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