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How many miles does a professional soccer player run during a match?

Asked by Steven0512 (529points) June 29th, 2009 from iPhone

Just watched my first game yesterday and looks like they run for days.

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This information is from a French site, but I’ll translate:

Goalie : 3.3 mi
Defensive wing : 6.5 mi
Defensive fullback : 6.63 mi
Defensive forward : 7.19 mi
Offensive forward : 7.64 mi
Center-field striker: 6.65 mi
Wing striker : 6.9 mi

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yeah, was gonna say “anywhere from 5–10miles” but Harp seems to have more precise data. Generally goalkeepers run less, though a lot more than you’d expect. Wingers more, depending on the style of play. It is common when the coach plays 4–4-2 for the two wingers to get so tired after the first half that they’ll be replaced. Or it could be that a smaller team decides to play “behind the ball” (ie ultra-defensive) and then the players run very little, except usually one lonely striker who has to chase long balls.

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I need to change position to a goalie!

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Considering how restricted the goalie’s range is, that is quite a lot of distance covered. How were these numbers determined?

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The same distance is covered by players during a snooker match. The reason is that, even though goalies (and snooker players) don’t sprint, they move a lot, goalies constantly changing position from one post to the other (and often rushing out too) and snooker players constantly walking around the table for a better angle.

I am not sure how the distances are determined, I assume there are special devices that calculate average distances covered, but in any case in many matches you can see this statistic at the bottom of the screen when a player is substituted.

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It’s apparently calculated by GPS, with each player wearing a tracker. It can only be used in outdoor arenas.

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