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Spray painting an original ipod do any damage?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) June 29th, 2009

If i were to spray paint an original ipod and cover the screen headphone jack and bottom female jack would it do any damage to the ipod at all? and i am talking about the original ipod 20 gig the one that is a big brick.

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Why? If the case is scratched there are websites that sell very artistic covers.

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No idea about damage,but if you try it, make sure you use a spraypaint specifically for plastics.

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The original iPod only had 5GB of space. The first iPod that had a dock connector was the third generation.

I’d worry that the wheel would lose its sensitivity. What are you hoping to accomplish?

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Why would you want to destroy your iPod both physically and esthetically?
In other words, yes, this will most probably destroy your iPod.

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It wont damage it if you do it properly. Mask up the screen and other areas where you don’t want any over-spray perfectly with masking tape (not packing tape). Stuff some paper in the jacks as well. Make sure that you will be able to get the paper out later. lightly sand the surface to be painted with 1200 grit dry paper. Use an adhesion promoter spray first and then apply the top coat after it dries. you should be good to go. Note: use auto paint and chat to your auto paint supplier first.

Spray Booths

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Maybe she just wants a different color. I get tired of things like that easily. (E.g.: Cell Phone Wallpaper)

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I don’t know but I wouldn’t try it.

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