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What do you think of this 'black eyed people phenomena' or whatever?

Asked by fathippo (746points) June 29th, 2009

I know it could all be a load of rubbish, but thought it was kind of intriguing, so if you read about it… you know what did you think? =)
I don’t think i can explain it properly myself but there is some information here…

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Perhaps a link would be helpful.

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It’s a euro-centric phobia and fear. People with black and dark brown eyes were afraid of the pale-eyes long ago when they invaded their countries. This is the same phenomenon with supernatural tinges added to create myths and urban legends.

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Consider the source of your information. Could be a load of rubbish? Try definitely a load of rubbish!

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I’ve never heard of such of thing as your story but I’ve seen it, once only. A friend of mine has eyes so dark that her pupils blend right in to the iris color. I’ve always thought her quite beautiful by that oddity.

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Now I am one to believe in the parnormal. But this sounds like a load of crock. Now having said that there might be some people with dark eyes or perhaps an eye condition that leaves them looking like they have black eyes. This would not be something I would want to shun someone for or believe they are evil. Does that mean people with blue eyes are angels?

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Stories. They’re just stories. People love scary stories, and they love to find demons and scapegoats in the Others (anyone not like them). But there’s nothing there to warrant serious attention.

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@Marina yeah you must be right, but i was getting a bit carried away with the imagination i think =P

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i think it’s bull, but the first story – it’s the only one that i read – in that link freaked me out a little. haha. good ghost stories though, for sure.

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@tiffyandthewall yeah sounds like a load of crap but cool to read…

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Oh, I’ve heard of them. Get on the website Anicent to Modern Mythology-Gods and Monsters. Just type it in on Google. If you can’t find it, type in List of Monsters on Google. They have Black Eyed People on there and stories of encounters of monsters and some people say they’ve seen them.
I’ve heard they go up to your house or car (Mostly. Sometimes other places) And ask you to let them in. You’re not supposed to let them in because they do something to you. They’re not allowed to go into your house unless you invite them in.
I don’t believe in them, but whatever.

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