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Who else is over the Michael Jackson hype?

Asked by essieness (7693points) June 29th, 2009

I mean, yeah, it’s sad that the King of Pop is dead. But really, it’s too much, don’t you think? People are crying and carrying on… the news is dedicating most of its coverage time to this… It’s gone way overboard, and we still have weeks, possibly months, more of this.

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You got that right. I’m saddened by his death but enough is enough with the coverage. And I wouldn’t want to be the relatives of Farah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Bill Mays or Gail Storm (who died today. Had a sitcom in the 50’s called “My Little Margie”) because I’d be ticked! They were all pushed aside as though they were less important.

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@SirBailey, in this sense, they are less important. For example, if—God forbid—I were to die tomorrow, I assure you that CNN would not see fit to give coverage to the event. It just is what it is.

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His death rocked my world, so no. =[ =[ =[

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When I first heard about it I was shocked but not saddened, and I feel the same way.

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@colin, no. They’re not. In ANY sense. CNN’s coverage is the deciding factor of who’s important and who’s crap? I think not.

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The news channels are slowly spending less time on it. I think the time spent on the story has been appropriate so far. I didn’t hear MJ’s name once on NPR today.

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@Ivan And that’s why I lurve NPR. They report the important news.

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I got over it like the second day but yeah why just him? I mean other people have died as well, farrah fawcett, Billy Mays

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I was actually sadder about Billy Mays dying…

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There’s so many more twists and turns to the story so no. Since when did Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get so close to the family? He had a doc next to him and still passed? And best of all and most recent his dad Joe is already starting a recording company; 2 days after his sons sudden death!?!? This story is just warming up.

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Everytime someone famous dies, the media jumps all over it, especially when it was a sudden, unexpected death. The difference here is that this was Michael Jackson. This man was like John Lennon or Elvis. Not only did people love him, but he revolutionized music, as did Lennon and Elvis. But Michael Jackson’s music/music videos led to what we have today. Maybe you all are too young to know what a huge thing he was in the 80’s (heck, even I’m a bit too young). No, it isn’t fair that celebrities get so much coverage when they die, but they are celebrities. And this man was possibly the biggest celebrity of them all. Pretty much everyone around the world knew his music and his legend, and I think it is only fitting that he gets this coverage now. It will soon go away, rest assured. But for now, it is still really tragic and worth reporting (However, cable news is a different story. They go overboard on everything. I try not to watch the stuff.)

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MJ was unimportant to me so yeah it’s annoying as hell especially when I try to listen to music on the radio…

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For me, it’s being overdone.

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@SirBailey; CNN does not determine who is important. But they do know who interests their viewers, and so that is how they decide who to cover. This is a perfectly reasonable and necessary distinction to make, which does not pretend to be a reflection on the spiritual worth of the people involved. The families of Farah Fawcett and the others have no more right to complain about the outcome of this decision than mine would if CNN determined that their viewers did not care to hear about my death.

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@Jayne, you took the words right out of my mouth.

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I’m sorry, but it really does all leave me cold and I am surprised at all the hype and people actually mourning. Yes, he was a great performer, but not in any way for me a role model or important figure. And should we just ignore the possibility that he was a child abuser and lionize him?

@colin Hi!

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the only thing hes done in recent years was go on trial for child molestation, so they really need to stop with all the stories and annoying crap. king of pop or not, people die everyday. get over it already.

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Should we not ignore the possibility that you are a child abuser?

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@Ivan I understand the point you are making but I was not on trial for child molestation and have not paid out many dollars to families in settlements. I am also not being held up in the media as a role model. I do understand that people are sad about it, but I stick with my opinion that he is a complex figure who does not deserve to be lionized.(By the way, jinx – we have the exact same amount of lurve.)

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Off-thread. I was named for Gale (Storm).

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I was shcoked. I think it’s sad that he had a poor quality of life, but I think there’s a lot more going on in the world…far more important issues facing humanity. Michael Jackson’s death is not hugely important in the grand scheme of things. They need to cut back on the air time in my opinion

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Look, he bled, so it led. We Flutherers comprise a tiny microcosm of the planet, but for many, many people, he was a big deal in their lives. Just accept that this is going to happen and don’t worry about it. What Don Lemon, et al are nattering on about has nothing to do with your life in this moment.

Go on, now, scoot! It’s a beautiful day. ::shoos you outside::

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I was never into the hype to start with.

I was obviously shocked for about 2 seconds when I heard it, mainly because he was so young. And yes, I realise it’s big news, because he was an interesting figure in many respects. And I always thought he was a brilliant showman and dancer, but I never thought that much of his songs (at least not once I turned 15 and stopped break-dancing).

So it was never such a huge loss. It’s not as if we went out for coffee everyday and now I’ll miss him, or if he was the singer at my local pub. My life will remain largely unaffected, save for that one radio show I dedicated to him and the genre he represented.

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@Jayne, this isn’t about complaining. This is about the families and others feeling worse on top of their feeling bad about the deaths themselves.

And CNN does not determine who is important. On that you are right.

Being important to more people is NOT the same as being MORE important.

In actuality, that’s why Jackson’s death gets more press, i.e., because more people are interested in THAT story then the others. But for those feeling bad about the deaths of the other individuals, it can easily be interpreted as the station making him more important then the others, and that’s gotta hurt.

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@SirBailey; by the same logic I used above, it makes no more sense for the families of other deceased celebrities to feel worse because of this. I suppose they might, but only by some quirk of their ambitions for the deceased; in fact, under normal circumstances, I doubt they would feel worse at all if it weren’t for all of the people drawing meaningless parallels between the deaths in the first place.

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Michael Jackson himself should now be over his own hype. For the rest of us, he was just a flawed talented man who is dead, I hope his family will not degrade or exploit the hype, that would be sad.

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@dannyc Papa Jackson seems to be using the opportunity to promote his record company…

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@essieness..sad to hear that. My kids loved his earlier music. I am content to let it all rest and remember his good things. All of us have weakness, and I can only hope we all have some mercy on what was obviously a troubled person. The whole sordid media frenzy makes me sad. At any cost to sell their wares, like vultures on a carcass, very disturbing.

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@essieness – Why am I not surprised? Joe Jackson is one of the very few people on earth where I have thought, “Just give me two minutes with him and a lead pipe in an empty room.” Honestly, the man looks like a snake.

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I’m happy I was camping and had minimal access to the media when this happened. I should camp more often!

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Definately, no longer in threes more like baker dozens.
And know we have Karl Malden to talk about, or how much did his nose really weigh.

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let’s be honest; i still can’t convince myself that he’s actually dead. not because i’m a dedicated MJ fan, but because the conspiracy theorist deep down in my heart of hearts smells a fake death conspiracy for the first time ever (a la dino spimoni). i’m sure this isn’t actually the case, but hey.

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I’m wayyyy over the hype. Aren’t there more important world issues that the news channels should be covering besides some overrated, washed up, pop star’s death?? It’s so sad that I can turn on almost any news station and have a 90% chance of seeing the Michael Jackson story STILL being covered. If MJ’s death really had THAT big of an impact on you, I feel sorry for ya.

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Count me in the number that is over it…..

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