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If you were given only 24 more hours to live, would logging in at Fluther be on your things-to-do-before-dying list?

Asked by Hambayuti (1380points) June 29th, 2009 from iPhone
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I’d at least want to say goodbye to the good Fluther friends I’ve made here.

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probably not

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Defo!! Along with all my other important friends, Fluther has helped me heaps in gaining new knowledge, wisdom and facts to bore my non fluther friends with :)

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No. I’d try to get as far away from a computer as possible. Sorry folks.

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Hey people would you not want the world to know that you the amazing person you are will be departing the world, you don’t hav to write an essay a simple…the genius has left the building will do!

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I might, just long enough to PM someone to let them know why I was going to disappear.

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You know, this is a good question. 24 hours… Hmmmm… It would probably be the first thing I did because it would be quick and easy and one thing to check off on my list of final to do’s.

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Yes. I hate when people disappear from Fluther with no explanation. I’d like to at least give one, and say goodbye.

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@augustlan: haha! I almost specified in my answer that I would probably PM you because I think you’d be the first to notice and be bothered by my sudden disappearance.

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Ditto what @Marina and @augustlan said.

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Meh. Maybe. It really depends on how shook up I am about dying. But I believe the people here would have a right to know.

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Yes, even tho I’m new, maybe one of you would be able to change the outcome! Hee hee

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I would, i’d tell you guys I was gonna die

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Before and after.

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Possibly. It depends on what condition I am in, whether I am near a computer with Internet access, and what else I would have to do.

It certainly would be more pleasant than dying or thinking about dying.

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I probably would, but I don’t think I’d even be missed even if I didn’t. I’ve met a couple people here who I email with, so I’d tell them that way.

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Absolutely. I’d have to take a moment to say goodbye to all the wonderful people here.

And…if there turns out to be an afterlife, I’ll try to Fluther from there just to put an end the endless religious debates.

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Yes, and not only Fluther.

I imagine it’d be the most traumatic experience ever (duh). I’d twitter update, comment to all of my friends on facebook, call everyone I have numbers for, etc. I’d want people to know I was dying and reach out to everyone that I’ve ever met – not so that I can make them feel bad for me, but so that I wouldn’t feel alone.

I can’t even imagine what my Fluther question would be. Hell, if I my nerves were calm enough to type, that is.

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I notice the people that have higher lurve scores are giving different answers than people with less lurve…

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Yes, because whoever dies with the most lurve wins, and dying on Fluther could bank me enough lurve to put me over the top.

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Six is a long way from dying, AstroChuck…

You’ve got a little way to go, so you may just have it locked up.

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Probably because they don’t know jellies well and might not feel like a big family that we are

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They’re just not addicted yet…

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Yes, especially if I was following a good thread. How could I leave without getting my 2 cents in?

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I’d be missed dearly, so of course I’d come on to let people know.

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I’d probably spend some (or even a lot) of the time here for the same reason that I’ve been spending a lot of my time here the past 7 months. I don’t thing I’d change a lot, except perhaps try and tidy up things as much as possible, write a will, put all my songs and CDs in order, say goodbye to a couple of friends and so on…

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I would make my profile my final farewell. I have fond memories of wandering these forums that I will take with me when I go.

And like @AstroChuck and @cprevite I would find a way to come back and haunt you all.

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No, I’d be out doing things I’ve always wanted to do – like call a cop a pig to his face, or taste test every flavor of ice cream at Baskin Robbins and then get nothing. If I wanted to say goodbye to my Fluther friends I have other ways of contacting them.

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Since it only takes about 4.8 seconds to log into Fluther, I think I can spare that little bit of time within that 24 hour window to say goodbye to all the great Jellies here.

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@augustlan Since you posted that link where Shilolo saved a life, it got me wondering where the heck Rosi Bear is? She hasn’t been around for a long time. I think we should all make a pact to tell someone when we decide to leave here or to post in our profile that we are leaving.
@jbfletcher We would miss you and that wonderful squirel avatar.

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No. Where I would be heading there would be no service. Therefore no Fluthering.

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I would want t say goodbye to everyone, butt then I’d probably keep checking back for posts and miss some other things I’d want to do. D’oh!

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Are you kidding!!!! I wouldn’t go anyplace other than fluther! My life is fluther! My death should be, too!

grumble, gumble. Where do these questions come from? The leftovers at the question farm stand?

Oh! Hi, @hambayuti! [shuffle, shuffle] Didn’t see you standing there. Uh. Welcome to fluther! Welcome, welcome! Now where did I put that present???

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I agree with daloon GA!!

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If I was already home or in reach of a computer then yes, I think I would. Or perhaps log into the chat room quickly if people were in there. That might be a better idea.

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@daloon – I think you could find my present once you click “Great Answer”, just below this message. =)

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why not?
but maybe i’d be a little cryptic. something to the effect of, “the fox is in the tree, moon light savings. farewell.”

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