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Are bayonets still used/issued in the modern military?

Asked by Ansible1 (4831points) June 29th, 2009
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Yes they are

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Yes, but very actively. Many models of the standard issue M- fighting knife still have the loop so that a troop may attach it to his rifle. Also, many drill platoons still use them. For example, Marines of the USMC Silent Drill Platoon use M1 Garand rifles with bayonets.

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As an Air Force member, I can state that we do have bayonets in our S-4 (Supply) shop but none of them are issued to any members of our squadron. They sit there and collect dust. We really have no reason to use them in conjunction with our M-4 assault rifles. In today’s day and age, you are going to see virtually no close quarters fighting where a bayonet would be of any use whatsoever.

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yes, in my time in the army, we learned to use bayonetts, pretty nasty stuff those can do…
Offcource my A3G3 with .762 ammo is pretty nasty even without its butterknife…

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Yes, the M-16 and M-4 are issued with bayonets. The bayonet is still effective in close quarter fighting. The mere sight of “bare steel” on the end of a rifle can be effective in crowd control. The bayonet is also a good general purpose knife.

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Yes. When charging the enemy, they prove very useful when you run out of bullets, or your weapon jams.

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Yes, but the US military is talking about phasing them out now.

Oh, and check this out.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard It’s been talked about since the 1920s. The knife-type bayonet is useful in itself as a good general-purpose knife. The sight of “cold steel” on the end of a rifle is a powerful psychological factor in crowd-control where soldiers have to intervene in a potential riot situation.

Like Jerry Pournelle states in his Falkenberg novels, every generation of soldiers since the early 20th century thought that they would be the last to be issued a device that was originally intended to convert a musket into a pike.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land, thanks for the info. I read an article recently about how they were seriously considering getting rid of them again, but now that I know what you told me, I’d assume they won’t follow through with it.

Personally, I agree with you, and I think they should keep the bayonet. I’d prefer our fighting men and women to have it and not need it over needing it and not having it.

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Yes. And they are as scary as ever.

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You have NO idea of the psychological impact of the order, “Fix Bayonets!”

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