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Is 'competition' the root of most 'evil'?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) June 29th, 2009

If I don’t beat you, you might beat me.

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It can be the root of some evil – but it can also be the root of good

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It’s probably how you would take ‘losing’ that would be the cause of evil

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Perhaps not competition so much as greed.

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I’m going to second @Jeruba. Competition is healthy but greed is wasteful.

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No. Sweeping statements are the root of all evil. this one included

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@Lightlyseared You seem to wield a mighty broom yourself!

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We all compete, even in this forum. We often do not even know it.

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And we’re not the root of evil.

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The root of most evil, in my opinion is deception. Truth, or honesty, is the elixir.

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For humans to evolve a good balance between competition and cooperation is required. But as @Jeruba said, competitive behavior should not turn into greedy behavior.

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