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Recovering 'lost' Blogger Posts?

Asked by JoeyDesignsStuff (756points) June 29th, 2009

I recognize it’s a nuts question; I’m asking from a place of samaritanism.

Basically, a woman called my workplace today hysterical from having lost her blog posts. She is still able to log in, but all of her (no doubt insightful and intellectually stimulating) material from the past three years has ‘vanished.’ Obviously if the server puked they’re just gone, but does anyone know of a situation where posts might appear to have been deleted and actually aren’t? Or have any other idea what might have happened? This happened a few days ago, if that’s relevant. And this is all the information I’ve got.

She’s obviously not very literate and I’m hoping it’s a simple misinterpretation that’s freaking her out. She sounds genuinely distraught (?) over it and I’d like to deliver some good news if there is any.

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No clue how this could have happened, but to recover them, has she tried the Wayback Machine?

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I just did and got no results. Good suggestion though, I’ve used that in similar situations before and it does work.

Her URL spits out: “Sorry, the blog at {username} has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.” She’s contacted Google but they were ‘unable to verify (her) ownership of the account,’ for some reason.

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Google, as a the search engine, rather than as web host, might have cached them but that would require her to search Google for and save all the posts individually, I would think. I would think her best hope would be to continue to try to get to fix it.

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Where is it hosted? Her web host should be doing daily back ups. If she didn’t do a regular back up of her own they may charge her for the restore but it’s not hard to restore a database.

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It’s Blogger, which is one of those website-for-anyone places, so it isn’t like she actually runs her own site. It’s built for her; she doesn’t have a hosting plan, or a domain or anything like that. I did a little more research and apparently Google themselves seized the account (don’t know why) and won’t release it until she can prove she is who she says she is. I can’t fathom the circumstances necessary for Google to care that much about someone’s personal blogger account but I think she’s really just screwed.

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Sheesh…sounds like you are right. It’s all over but the cryin’

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