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Does shower gel go bad?

Asked by Ansible1 (4831points) June 29th, 2009

Axe shower gel prob at least 5 yrs old, still good?

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I’ve had shampoo kicking around for awhile, used it and it was fine. I’m sure that the shower gel is okay.

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I guess we all have the potential to turn evil.

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I have noticed that fruity smelling shampoo & mousse loses it nice scent and started to smell like rotten apples???

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5 years? I dunno… if some ingredients have gone bad it might cause you to have a reaction on your skin or something… It might not hurt to try a little bit just on your hand or something though? Does it smell alright?

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yeah it def doesn’t smell as strong as it used to, but doesn’t smell rotten or anything

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Okay, I just HAD to test this out and just used some Axe that has been rolling around in my trunk for at least 2 years and it was fine! I just had to shake it up a bit.

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