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What amp should I get for a yorkville For 2 E2152 Elite Series Speakers?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) June 29th, 2009

I’m planing to buy 2 Yorkville E2152 Elite Series Speaker’s (1500w each) and 2 Yorkville LS800P Powered Subwoofer’s (1500w each) for some serious partying Ok, I’ve got some money to throw out the door. ($5,698.00+) Along with a Mackie 802-VLZ3 8-Channel Mixer. The subs are powered, so they shouldn’t matter too much. I need an amp for them. Any sugestions?

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Either a QSC RMX 4050HD – Professional High Output Stereo Power Amplifier and watch overpowering these speakers or a QSC RMX 2450 – Professional Stereo Power Amplifier and don’t clip the amp. Remember, you are running at a 4 ohm load. I tend to like the more powered amp, just keep your foot off the gas alittle more. You can’t go wrong buying QSC.

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Is there any consequenses for using an under powered amp, or over powered amp? (blowing the spakers, burning them out?

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The rule of thumb I’ve always used is to purchase an amplifier that is rated for at least two times the speaker’s continuous power rating or equal to the speaker’s program power rating. If you buy too small of an amp and push it too hard then you can ‘clip’ the amp which can burn the tweeters out of the speakers. On the other hand, too much power driven hard can overpower the speakers and the voice coils on the drivers can burn out and sometimes, even the crossovers. Personally, I would get the QSC RMX 4050HD and just not put the pedal to the floor. (Another rule is to always use caution and common sense to prevent damage.) It also depends on your application. Playing ‘live’ sound tends to push harder to keep up with all the stage amps….....bass, guitar, etc…..while playing ‘program’ music (cds, mp3s, etc.) gives you better control and it is much easier to make adjustments.

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