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How do I store something securely?

Asked by richardhenry (12659points) January 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I live in Huddersfield in the UK, very close to Leeds. How do I go about opening a safety deposit box with a local bank, do any of my local banks offer this service? How is best to enquire? How much do you think I can expect to pay? Thanks!

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What are you doing here? Go back to Yahoo Answers with the rest of the kids.

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Your best bet is to start with your main bank, ie whoever you use for your current account, as although most banks will offer this service they don’t offer it at all branches and they usually charge more for customers who don’t maintain a current account with them (and often require a minimum balance, though usually not too onerous).

If none of your local branches offer deposit boxes then there may be local companies that do, typically the sort of business that offers mail boxes etc. Obviously use you discretion here. If it’s legal documents then ask your lawyer—they can advise on, and likely make provision for, ensuring wills, deeds, contracts, etc are stored safely. For high value products talk to your insurance company—they will be able to advise on how they would like you to, for example, store jewelry, and will likely be able to suggest somewhere local to you.

If you’re only after a small box (ream of A4 paper) then you can probably get one for about £10–15/month, though there will usually be a minimum period (typically 6 months).

As for how to enquire—walk into the local branch of your prefered bank and ask, it’s quite common for people to want to do this with legal documents etc.

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Thanks Callum!

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