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Which will help me burn more calories: Jump the rope or Running?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) June 29th, 2009

I was trying to jump the rope and was good, will it help me burn calories as if i were running?

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can you do the 2 together?

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Actually, if you use an exercise calorie estimator like this one, a person who weighs 150 pounds and who exercises for 30 minutes will burn 238 calories jogging, and 342 calories jumping rope.

How many calories you burn while running (not jogging) will vary with how fast you run, ranging from 288 calories per 30 minutes (5 mph) to 760 calories per 30 minutes (12 mph, which is sprinting full out and running a mile in 5 minutes – even my daughter the track star can’t do that).

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Do ou know this for a fact? Site your reference please.

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@chyna Here’s an experiment people can try at home.
Step 1. See how long you can run for.
Step 2. See how long you can jump rope for.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic – I can run more easily and for much longer than I can jump rope. Thus, I assume that the calculator is correct – you burn more calories jogging than jumping rope (most people who “run” for exercise actually jog).

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What about something fun, like dancing? Why abuse your knees?

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@tadpole yes I can do both, but obviously I would like to do the one that helps me more, today we were challenging my husband and I, the one who jumps 500 times first wins, guess who won? Me, 503 in let’s say 15 minutes (was my first time after years) vs 150 of his. Then we got inside the house and I ran in te treadmill for 40 minutes, that was 2.5 miles only, Im not that good in running. That’s why I was asking this, I want to burn more calories,

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ok a real answer: i would think running….don’t hold me to it though, i have no evidence…...but if you don’t like running…....why not try swimming…they say it’s the best thing you can do….the water supports all your muscles…..if i could be bothered i would do yoga..better than just getting fit, and you could link in to other areas like meditation and general holistic well-being…

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@tadpole – If you want evidence, take note of my answer above. Jumping rope expends more calories but is also hardest on your knees.

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I agreewith Pandorabox
Although running and jumping is good, you might get bored or something later and it’s kinda repetitious. however if you dance or do things like extreme sports, you could enjoy AND burn a heck lot of calories :)

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If you can keep up running longer, doesn’t that mean jumping rope takes more effort and therefore burns more calories?

Personally I don’t expect there to be a major difference in the results you reap, as long as you keep at it until you’ve had enough. If either is less efficient, you’ll last somewhat longer doing that one. It’s only interesting which burns more calories if you’re short on time every day.
And personally I would choose running, because it’s more interesting and a more useful skill to develop.

By the way, extreme sports tend to be dangerous… why not try regular sports instead? :)

This coming from someone who has been practising to learn Parkour. I guess I don’t take all my own advice.

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@Fyrius – Precisely. I see I accidentally switched my words. What I meant to say was:

You burn more calories jumping rope than jogging (most people who “run” for exercise actually jog).

That is what I get for Fluthering late at night.

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