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In stocks, when they ask for U.S. company symbol, do you know any?

Asked by f4a (601points) June 29th, 2009

what are the US company symbol? is there a list?

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Try going to MSN or any other site and searching for the company you are interested in. It will default to the symbol for you. For example, White Mountains’ symbol is WTM. And above all, follow @avalmez advice… at least for awhile.

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Is the moon a star?

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BTW – The stock symbol (ticker symbol) is just an abbreviation for the company’s name. No two companies can have the same symbol, so sometimes they are a bit obscure. They are used because so much data has to be transmitted very quickly, and it is an easy way to identify the correct company. In my post above, I was referring to MSN Money… thought I should clarify. You can also just go to the stock exchange’s websites to find these. The American Stock Exchange was bought by the New York Stock exchange, and you can find them at There is a symbol look-up tool right at the top of the home page.

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To find out the stock market listing of any company, type the name of the company into your search box (such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, or Goodsearch)and find it on the company site.

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AAPL = Apple
GOOG = Google
MSFT = Microsoft

Or, if you don’t want to memorize, try using Yahoo’s lookup tool.

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BAC-Bank Of America

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thanks to everyone! :)

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A site to build a fake portfolio and learn about the stock market is

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T – American Tel and Tel
Dell – Dell
Csco – Cisco
Msft – Microsoft
VZ – Verizon
BMY – Bristol Myers Squibb
JNJ – Johnson and Johnson
PFE – Pfizer Drug
C – Citigroup

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