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How to get rid of skunks when the law says they have more right to my property than I do?

Asked by FutureMemory (24723points) June 30th, 2009

My neighborhood is infested with these little stink bombs. If I take my exercise walk in the evening I have to walk in the middle of the street to avoid close encounters. At least one or more has taken up residence in my backyard. I could care less about the smell, I just don’t want to get sprayed or bitten.

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Ok. I know they belong here, that this is their natural habitat and we are the invaders. I get all that and sympathize, but I’ll be damned if I let myself get bitten by one of these rabies-infested stinkers. Is there any way to ward them off? Animal Control refuses to do anything. I can’t afford to fortify my borders. I’d get a dog but the risk of rabies is too great (something like… 10–30% are infected). Anyone have ANY ideas?

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Contact your mayor!
He should live in the area which means he’s most likely dealing with the same problem and will have some sympathy.

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You could mark your territory by urinating around your borders.

Animal control won’t remove an animal from your property? That sounds peculiar.
I had a skunk situation once. They trapped the critter and released it elsewhere.

If skunks are on your property, that’s what animal control is for.
If skunks live in the local vicinity, they’re not going to come out and exterminate the local fauna for you.

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Fox urine.

Most well-stocked garden centers carry it. Spray it around the perimeter of your property during the day (while the skunks are asleep).

It will scare them away if they think fox frequent your property.

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They generally hang around when there is food present. My neighbor keeps an open bag of cat food on her porch, and the skunks have moved in under my shed.

Hire a professional wild animal trapper.

Skunk repellers: Bright lights; Automated sprinklers; Spicy pepper solutions; Commercial repellents

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