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What are your favorite Reggae songs/albums by not so well known artists?

Asked by seVen (3478points) June 30th, 2009 from iPhone

Purhaps a reggae remix songs of well known artists like The Police/Sting?

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I recently bought a South African reggae artist album called Lucky Dube [Doo*bay] it’s awesome.

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Check out Prince Buster.

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Any album from Groundation and Rebelution. I also love Prince Fatty, especially the song, “Milk & Honey”. For mellower times Jackie Mitto is awesome. If you like remakes, check out the Easy Easy All Stars. Very cool… They did a whole album of Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd) and Sgt. Peppers (Beatles).

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@loser wait they already did Sgt. Peppers? I had read they were making it but I didn’t think it was out yet…

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Yep! It’s out and it’s GREAT!!!
(Slight correction, they’re the Easy Star All-Stars.)

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@loser I was just talking about that with my friends and I was like I wonder when it comes out, now I know. Download Barrington Levy-broader than broadway album. Also, Yellowman is fucking awesome, slightly stoopid (good reggae/dub like sublime), supercat, ja-man all-stars to name a few.

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Sorry, you weren’t asking for recommendations, but those are the people I like.

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@loser sweet download time!

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