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What does it mean if your hands are shaking a lot? (help!)

Asked by fathippo (746points) June 30th, 2009

My left hand is going absolutely insane and i’m really scared of why… when i rest it on the keyboard it makes all the keys jutter around and stuff, but my right ones seems fairly ok…
(as i do) i am getting kinda petrified, as i’m scared i have some neurological disease or something…
Are there any meds that make this happen? In case it’s that… please help =\
Or it could just be anxiety…
anyway google is talking about western greetings which doesn’t really help…

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Maybe you should get off the computer and go to a doctor .
This is what google says

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That sounds like hand tremors:
Here are a couple of sites to check. Univ of Maryland
There are too many variables to make a diagnosis over Fluther. These can help you though.

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Yes, there are many meds that can make your hands shake, particularly those for mental health issues. Also, stress and overuse can make them shake. If you do an awful lot of typing, that could set it off.

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Have you been drinking more caffeine than usual? That happens to me when I drink too much coffee. Or when I get super stressed out.

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You should probably et it checked out. It could be a lot of things. My hands natually have a slight tremor but I needed to get tested just to make sure. At least I don’t run around afraid that I have some condition.

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I understand your fear, but think of it this way. In the event (which I hope it is not and it is quite possible it is not), it is a serious neurological disease, what will you gain by not seeing a doctor?

Please see someone and let us know what happens.

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It could be anything from a simple tiredness to Parkinson’s disease. I have it sometimes when I haven’t slept enough, though it’s not that bad and I’ve learnt to live with it for years. I have a friend who’s really bad (since she was 21 or so) and the doctor said the only thing to do would be to open her wrists and “rewire” the nerves. She couldn’t afford the operation but it got better over the years, by being careful and not stressing her hands too much (carrying weight is especially bad, did you go shopping today?).

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Chronic exertional compartment syndrome
Computer (Tennis)Elbow
Dupuytren’s contracture (Knitters syndrome)
Social anxiety disorder
Parkinson’s disease
Excessive cold
Progressive supranuclear palsy

The only way to know which of these or some other reason is to ask your doctor.

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I know that my friend hands are always shaking and one time her whole body shook. She was taken to the hospital and they gave her a juice box because her blood sugar was extremly low. So it could be just that your blood sugar is low but that is just a far out there estimate, I’m no doctor.

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Please keep us posted

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@Nefily you have a point, i have a habit of forgetting to eat stuff for ages, which is really stupid, because i end up panicking without fail everytime something strange happens

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@fathippo – so your ok? cool!

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@Bri_L ha i think so, it seems to go away when i eat stuff… so i guess i was just freaking out because it never happened before

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@fathippo – just worried bud/buddette. Don’t make a Lemur come atcha!!

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