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How much should I charge for house/dog sitting?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8255points) June 30th, 2009

I’m going to be house and dog sitting for a couple who I am friends with while they are on vacation with their 6 month old. There are three dogs (boxers, if it matters), as well as a few cats. I’m not sure if I’ll be staying there overnight or not. The complicating matter is that the guy is my boss. I was friends with his wife before I worked for him, and I’ve been working for him for three years, and we know each other well enough that he calls me family. They’ll be gone for a week. How much should I ask for?

As a side note, it always makes me feel weird to ask for money. I never know what is considered too much and it makes me nervous that I’m going to be way over charging.

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How rich is the owner?

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Call around for a dogsitter in your area and ask how much they would charge you and then charge that.
Wait, did that make sense?

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$30 per day

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how long will they be gone? I can imagine it would be awkward. I’m the same way when it comes to asking for money. But maybe you can hint at it like, “So, should I replenish any foods or drinks I may use while staying here?”. Or “Do the pets have enough food for them while you’re away?”

Little questions the will make them think to leave you with some cash to feed not only yourself, but the pets as well.

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Did they ask you to come up with an amount? I ask because with people who refer to one another as “family”, that usually means no-charge.

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@hungryhungryhortence: They asked me how much I would charge, and I said I didn’t know.

@RandomMrdan: They’ll be gone a week, and have already said that they’d pay me, but want me to come up with a number.

@Fangorn81: They do alright for themselves, as far as I’m aware. They also have a new baby, which I guess could effect things.

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Would $100.00 cover your gas to and from their home for the week and also leave enough to equate a treat for yourself like a dinner out and a movie with someone or something else you might otherwise do as a treat?

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add up a few factors…Food, Gas, Entertainment (maybe some movie rentals?), and then maybe a bit more for your time…I would maybe say….250–300 for the week would be plenty once you add up some of the expenses, and also consider the value of your time.

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I think @hungryhungryhortence has a great point. Charge enough to cover your gas expense and then maybe a bit extra to treat yourself to a nice meal. You don’t want to overcharge the boss. But I also agree that @loser has a great point in contacting local dog sitters in your area and asking what they charge (then charge a bit less than that, definitely charge less than the kennel). This will show you did your research (as I bet your boss already has, I mean who hasn’t when looking into going on vacation?). And I do not think it is entirely inappropriate to say that you did some research and found that the going rate is… and that how about you charge them less than that because you appreciate them. :)

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Here the kennel charges $25 a day, and since you will have charge of the house as well, I would say that $25 – $30 a day would be a bargain.

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it depends how tough the dog is and how much maitenence the house requires generally 20 to 30 dollars is best

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or why dont you try asking how much they are willing to pay you that way you dont ask for too much

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Kennels here charge 12.00 a day, they supply the food. There is a fancy place that is just for dogs with little couches and a swimming pool etc. and they charge 30.00 a day. But I have house sat and dog sat for friends and I never charge them. They have returned the favor. You have to decide what you would be comfortable with.

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Find out how much they would pay if they sent the animals to a kennel. What costs will you incur by carrying out your duties honestly and conscientiously? – I mean, house sitting includes a certain amount of maintenance, doesn’t it? – houses have a lot of moving parts. Then, if you trust your employer, discuss it with him.

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Personally I wouldn’t even charge anyone except the dogs food expense. Of course they will offer to pay, but as a close friend/ almost family member you should tell them you don’t mind doing a favor. Also if their dogs are like other boxers I know they are high energy and need more attention than someone stopping over every 4–5 hours to let them out to pee. I agree with everyone who said cost of supplies, maybe a few extra bucks for food and drinks.

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