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Whats your guinea pigs favorite snack?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) June 30th, 2009

my pigs have been obsessed with plain ole grass since summer started, whats your guinea pig’s favorite green treat? i want to widen their diet because i read that too much grass can be bad for them.

so whats on your pigs menu?

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Apple, pear , melon lots of seeds and oats . Alfalfa hay is great , fresh blossom from the garden, fresh flowers and herbs .
if you feed straight from your or a friends garden, make sure no chemical feeds/killers have been used in the surrounding gardens.

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I’m watching a couple of guineas for a co-worker and they love getting sliced cucumber, apples and carrot sticks (in addition to the Alfalfa hay and guinea food pellets).

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Guinea Slop.

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Mine loved lettuce.

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I had a friend who had two. Ben and Jerry. Their cage was in their kitchen. The instant that someone broke open a banana to peel it, Jerry would run round and round in the cage and make noises until he got some banana. It was so awesome.

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Timothy hay, green peppers, carrots, parsley, romaine lettuce.
Their favorite fruit is a small melon that looks like a miniature white watermelon. The name is eluding me tonight but the love it! There are a lot of things they won’t eat too that they are supposed to like.

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my guniea pig Mocha ( ) loves, loves, loves lettuce ! he bites on the bars of his cage until he gets it too ! :)

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Aw, guineas! “chut, chubble, wheeeek, wheeek!”

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i love them !

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We are currently babysitting two guinea pigs for friends. We’ve found that they absolutely ADORE lettuce! Another favorite of their’s is a full carrot. They seem to enjoy rolling it around the cage!
Another tip if you’re new to guinea pigs: They like paper and cardboard boxes! It gives them a place to hide and something to chew on! ;)

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