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Ever hear of the EOF program? (Read the details)

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) June 30th, 2009

For those of you who know me, and may have wondered where I have been; I have mostly been preparing for this summer program called EOF or The Educational Oppertunity Fund Basically a program from freshman students who need a leg up in affording college. Anyways I wanted to know who else has heard or it or has been in it. It is a NJ funded program. I am currently at Stockton college participating, I have not started my classes yet for the summer program. So I would also like to know if you did go through the program how did you do, were the classes really hard, and where did you complete your program?

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Well, at least they spelled it correctly

My Daughter In Law participated in it, and she was happy with the results.

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the EOF program is “ok” but basically what it boils down to is if you make over 10,000/yr you wont be getting no help ‘grant’ $. It is not a program it is govt funding $, I really suggest you read up on your college financial aid page. BTW I worked 5mins from that school , its nice college.

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I have a son in that program, they seem to be very strict, it is very regimented and they are not given enough sleep….I am worried.are you having the same experience?

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@mom53 What part of the program are you referring to? In our experience, money was granted to our student, and he enrolled in college and attended classes, just like any other student. It was just money to pay for college.

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@mom53 yea, crazy sleep schedule. Up every morning at 4 and doing shit all day till 9ish at night everyday. They are also retardedly strict. Like i went to pick her up one day and wasnt allowed to help carry her bags and stuff because i wasnt allowed anywhere near the building.

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they get them up at 4 30 to exercise and their whole day is scheduled…so much work not much free sucks my son has been sick since he got there…they are also mean and unfair..I hear no other eof program is like this…i would take my son out if I could but we need the financial aid… can they expect them to do well when they are sleep deprived….its like boot camp, my son is not a problem child he should not be treated like this…....

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I am one of those tortured children. Which is why I asked this question.

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