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If I kill an ant do you think it notices?

Asked by rockinrobin (7points) June 30th, 2009

I just squished an ant that was roaming around the top of my stove. If it doesn’t have consciousness or self awareness do you think it noticed that I killed it?

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Well, considering it is now dead, I’d say no. It doesn’t notice it is dead.

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I don’t think it notices anything after it is killed

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who said it doesn’t have consciousness…..i’d say it does….i’d say it felt pain very briefly and then died… we would if shot in the head etc….an ant is a creature….but then you could pick something else a bit more borderline and i might hesitate….some sort of less developed organism….

once it’s dead….i wouldn’t know…

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I guess that depends on whether death was instantaneous or not.

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Ants have consciousness and since that consciousness was just snuffed out, it is no longer in possession of consciousness so no it would notice if it was dead.

The same goes for humans. The dead don’t know that they’re dead because they’re dead.

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I hope so, those f***** bother

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Even plants feel pain. So I think the ant does notice before it dies.

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@Marina It does? I was under the assumption that you need a nervous system to feel pain…?

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@grisaille you should watch ‘the happening’

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@Ansible1 I didn’t enjoy it very much, despite me loving Markie’s/M. Nightie’s work :[

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Yes it probably feels fear before you crush it completely.

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I think they die instantly, when you crush them. I like to think so, since you just can’t help stepping on them outside :(

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