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What bug is killing other bugs in my cupboard,and how do I kill it in turn?

Asked by susanc (16112points) June 30th, 2009

In a built-in basement cupboard I’m finding LOTS of body parts of a variety of dead bugs, with and without wings, also live bugs, who seem unhappy. There are baby spiders in there too. Is there a monster spider, and is this its stash/garbage pile? What should I do? I am scared (but intrigued).

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Hunt it down and eat it for this thread.

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I’m going to go with large spider. Or a small, lonely and angry child.

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Time to bust out the shop-vac and vacuum them up.

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Basement cupboard? I’m go with the house centipede (who has a face only a Mama could love). They can get in just about anywhere and they love damp basements.

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The spiders are probably the reason why the other bugs, whatever they are, are either in pieces or frightened. Just clean the cupboard out and keep it clean from now on.

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@jmah Thanks. ~ Now I’m going to have nightmares about that thing!

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@augustlan Haha, I know. Isn’t she purdy? ;-) I can handle just about any bug. Actually, no other bug really bothers me except for this little beastie.

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Applause for your answer, @Randy. For my sense of humor, that was a bull’s eye.

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No no, sweeties, the basement is very dry and very, very clean – no one’s even living in the house – I’m one of those dopes that bought a house I can’t afford to live in, it’s on the market.
I do clean this gick up – thanks for the vote of confidence @ Darwin, sheesh – but it comes back.
Ew, ew, I don’t LIKE it!
I need a diagnosis.
I want the perp to die.
Of it.

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Then try bug spray, bug traps, or even a dehumidifier.

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