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If your child grew up to be a serial rapist, would you support the death penalty against them?

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I don’t support the death penalty against anyone, so I’m kinda nullified from the get.

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I am against the death penalty, no matter the situation.

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I am with the above, I don’t support the death penalty.

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me neither. I ask because whenever the topic in a forum turns to the punishment of a killer, rapist, pedophile etc… there’s always a long parade of people saying how they would torture the person slowly before killing them. I wonder if those who are so passionate about revenge would feel the same if something so awful happened within their own family.

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I’m against the death penalty. Always have been. “Dead Man Walking” really got to me.

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C’mon, man! You should know that large chunk of us are godless liberals :P

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Put me in the godless liberal camp too.

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removed by me and pepé

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I have never thought in terms of the death penalty, but, I have wondered what I would do, how I would feel, if I found out one of my children did something horrific. I remember when the unibomber’s brother turned him in…..couldn’t help but wonder what I might have done under the same circumstances. I’ve always been thankful I haven’t had to make a decision like that.

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Yes. Fortunately, I we won’t be having children

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic; I have observed the same thing, and I find it rather sickening, the way people feed off of each others aggression until they have, as a group, accepted mindlessly barbaric and ludicrously irrational fantasies of righteous outrage that would, or should, appall them as individuals.

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Serial murderer, yes, so my child would never, ever deprive another person of their life ever again. Serial rapist, no. In the latter case, my child should be put in jail and kept there until no longer able to commit rape. That might be for life, or it might not.

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At the current time, I don’t believe (although I’m not positive) that there is a sentence of Capital Punishment for the offense of rape. If I had a child and he grew up to be a serial rapist, I would support a court ordered decision for him to be imprisoned for life.

I have mixed feelings about the death penalty itself but I wouldn’t choose that as a possible punishment for one of my offspring being found guilty of rape.

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Life = yes
Death = no

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Ditto DrBill

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I do not support the death penalty in the circumstance of serial rapings, so no I would not support anyone getting such a severe penalty. Serial killer, yes. Serial rapist, no.

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If it was his sentence in a state where it was legal to do so, I wouldn’t fight it.

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Yes. I don’t believe in torture or money sucking imprisonment for rapists, molesters or vicious serial murderers. There is no rehabilitation for these people and the rest of society isn’t safe from them so why lock them away in wasteful misery?

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<—Just another God hating, America bashing, puppy kicking, commie loving liberal against state-sponsored murder.

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@AstroChuck Why the puppies? You had me until the puppies.

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I would never want to see them die.. they are my children. I love them unconditionally. That said, they definitely deserve some punishment.

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@tinyfaery- Sorry. I’m more of a cat person.

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@AstroChuck – If you are running around kicking puppies, then you can’t possibly be a liberal. Liberals believe all animals have souls, support the ASPCA and sometimes PETA, and many are vegetarians.

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@Darwin- Relax. I just kick them. I don’t eat them.

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Forgetting for a moment about anybody’s support or not of the death penalty, I believe the law should apply equally to all. I have a cousin and an uncle whom I’ve turned in for poaching game. They are the type to poach, so they are also the type to be unsavory in many other ways; therefore, I do not care for them. It was easy to turn them in. If my closer reletives were serial rapists, I doubt I would much care for the rest of their personalities either, so I wouldn’t have a problem seeing them punished according to their crimes. Bad people should go away; good people should stay. It doesn’t matter if they are blood related or not.

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I’m pretty liberal…. But there are two crimes for which I believe the death sentence is entirely justified…..... Murder, and Rape (subcategory of rape, molestation/rape of children).

So yes. I would support its use against a child. I mean I wouldn’t exactly be jumping for joy and injecting the kid or anything…. Nor would I if my child killed someone. But I would have to accept that… especially if I would ask someone elses family to accept it if their child did such things.

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Death penelty is my only obvious conservative view. I would always love my child. But they can still disgust me. I could never forgive or forget that my child turned into a serial rapist. But, if they actually used the death penelty for rapists (which they should) then I wouldn’t fight it.

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I think what many of you who support capital punishment for rape are forgetting is that if a child is kidnapped and raped it’s beneficial for the pedophile to kill his victim. If he lets the child go he could more easily be identified and brought to justice. If you’re going to kill him anyway then what does he have to lose?.

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@AstroChuck – You puppy-kicker, you!

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I am against the death penalty for anyone. Also, I’d just like to point out that (as has been mentioned in earlier threads) studies conclude that the death penalty is more expensive than a life sentence.

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@AstroChuck I think they would kill the victim regardless of what the law is.

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Well I am not a godless liberal, thank Evelyn. The death penalty brings to mind the bumper sticker I saw recently that read WHY DO WE KILL THE PEOPLE THAT KILL PEOPLE TO SHOW THEM THAT KILLING PEOPLE IS WRONG?

The discussion of the death penalty is one of the questions I refuse to bring up here, as was brought up recently about subjects one won’t discuss on Fluther.

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@casheroo- Many past practices have shown otherwise.

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@AstroChuck just for technicality’s sake, child molester and pedophile are NOT synonymous.

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@AstroChuck I’m sorry, I must be slow tonight…I’m not following your logic at all. So the guy will kidnap and rape, but not kill the kid since he’d get a lesser sentence for not killing? But then you say it’s beneficial to kill the kid? I’m sorry, I’ve been with a toddler all day. Nothing seems to be making sense lol

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@casheroo- The horrible truth is that there are many children kidnapped and then molested and/or raped far too often. These are obviously very sick individuals but not all of them have the intent to kill the object of their lust. If getting caught means a death sentence many of these pedophiles will likely make the decision to buy a shovel and a bag of lime if he thinks it gives him a better chance to get away with it. I think that’s just simple logic. Forget the fact that I feel any form of capital punishment is unethical. I just think in this case you’re asking for more tragic outcomes by applying the death penalty to these sick fucks.

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I don’t support the death penalty against serial rapists anyway. Or anyone else for that matter. Though I would want to see some strict measures that would eliminate that person as a danger to society. And this would include my own kid, whom I’d probably try to stop myself somehow. Of course, as a father of a 4-y-old daughter, it is something I cannot even imagine (though I can imagine my daughter becoming a killer after what she’s been through).

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Well, here we dont have the death penalty, witch I think is a shame…
Just 500 yards from my apartment two girls, the age of 6 and 8 i belive, was raped and killed a few years ago.. The guys who did it ? They got 18 & 21 years… 21 years is Norways longest prison sentence for anything, from murder to genocide…
I would prefer to se them get the old russian sentence (very cost effective) instead of paying for their prison food and education with my Tax money, and then risking to see thesee creeps out of jail. Witch will be about the time my future kids (if i get any) will be around 9–11 or something….

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If I failed that miserably at being a parent I’m sure I wouldn’t care about whether or not the death penalty was enforced.

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No. As the parent, to some degree I am to blame for how he was raised, for what he became. A parent owes it to his children to help them. You DON’T owe it to anyone else. Double standard? Of course.

Look at the parents of Casey Anthony. They’re doing the best they can to prevent their murderer daughter from getting the death penalty.

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As a parent I want to be there for my child. Everyone is somebody’s baby. No matter what brought them to this point in life.
But, you have to think about society. A decision has to be made weather the choice is freedom or life/death. Avoidance of a repeat offense, the cost of incarceration and setting an example are of priority.

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I would support radical castration (that means they take it ALL off) .

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I was raped at knife-point by a 23 year old man who I had never seen before when I was 15. I only share that to drive the following point home…
Rape victims go through a great deal of emotional turmoil and self-doubt about what they could have done to prevent it. Included in that, for the women who report it and actually get to see justice done, is that they feel immense guilt about their role in sending a man to prison… guilt about how their rapists’ mothers must feel. It is irrational in the extreme, but it is a common issue for victims of rape. The man who raped me was sentenced to 15 years in prison, and I went from wanting him put away for life, to feeling an odd kind of guilt (and in my case, having never known the man and having been ambushed by him and stabbed, there was no rational reason for that guilt). I don’t believe I could have worked through that if the penalty were death. I can’t imagine what emotions I would have had at that point. Make no mistake. I hate that man and always will, and he is the only human being I have ever said that about. In a sick way, the other revenge for me was in knowing that in prison, the rapists are raped back. He got to live through what he did to me, probably repeatedly. I think that punishment was probably far worse than death, and I usually hope it was.
I don’t have kids, so can’t speak of whether I’d ever support the death penalty with them (although I absolutely do support capital punishment for murderers since their victims don’t have to suffer further because of it). I can say I absolutely do not support it for rapists.

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@juwhite1 Thank you for sharing your story.

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@juwhite1 Thank you for your story and your point of view. It does amaze me how two victims can have completely different views on the matter.

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@juwhite1 – I am sorry for your experience but thank you for your story and strength of character

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Thank you for your honesty.
I understand what you are saying about the guilt. While I have never been raped, our family suffered a home invasion robbery and the thugs killed our dog. We were able to identify one of the perpetrators and he was sentanced. We hoped that he would turn his life around but instead, the week he was released he over dosed and died. I feel a strange sense of guilt and never been able to understand why.

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@basp – I believe that those of us who have genuine compassion for others tend to have that even when the other person isn’t deserving of that compassion. I’d rather feel irrational guilt about things other people brought on themselves than lose my capacity to have compassion, so I guess I’m okay with that. I’ll probably never really understand that feeling of guilt, but I think you have experienced the exact same thing. So many victims of crime go through that… it really is pretty odd.

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