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Serious iTunes issue! What happened to my music?

Asked by BlueDing (244points) June 30th, 2009

So my boyfriend turned his computer on today and the majority of his music was missing. Just gone. Some of it was still there, and all the artist/album info was still listed in iTunes, but the actual music was no where to be found. His iTunes Music folder was just a portion of the size it should have been, and entire CDs just weren’t there any longer.

Does anyone know what might have happened to his music? He hasn’t touched his computer in a few weeks, so it’s not like he accidentally deleted it while doing something else. It’s just…gone. Could iTunes have moved it somewhere else? Any ideas? I’d appreciate any help or similar stories! We haven’t been able to find anything helpful by googling.

Also, he has Windows Vista, and iPod (an older one), and an iPhone in case that makes any difference.

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Did you check the recycle bin?

If the music isn’t there, is all your boyfriend’s music in his iPod? If so, then you can always download iDump. It’s a software which allows you to transfer music from your iPod onto the computer. Just do that and add all the music back.

As to the cause of what might have happened… Has nobody at all touched the computer? I believe that it’s either:
a. Somebody going on there and accidentally/purposely deleting it
b. A virus which attacks the computer in various ways, one of them being deleting music.

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Thanks for the software suggestion. I think that’s probably the best idea at this point because most of his music (except for some recent CDs) is on his ipod (it’s HUGE).

We were just so perplexed because we couldn’t figure out why only some but still most of his music would just disappear like that. I think you’re probably right with the hunch about the virus. No one’s really been on the computer to accidentally delete the music. His computer is in our office upstairs, and he hasn’t touched it much since classes ended in May and then only to play a little World of Warcraft now and then :)

Thanks again for your help and your very quick response! I love Fluther. It’s so refreshing to be able to get answers to the exact question I have rather than troll the internet for old posts on support websites trying to find the right answer.

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@BlueDing It’s no problem. That’s what I like about this site too. =)

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hey to get the files of the ipod try using yamipod.
also this might help

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