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How do you make yourself concentrate more?

Asked by f4a (601points) July 1st, 2009

concentrate in work or in reading. i seem to be out of focus or easily distracted. could that even be possible, when you get older you’re more not focus? shouldn’t it be when your younger that this thing happens?

and when i try to concentrate in something/or when reading, i seem to twitch or frigid?

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I have the other problem – the older I get, the faster I think and react. I seem to spend my life waiting for younger people to finish sentences.

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Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderall, Strattera…...

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@cheebdragon are you advocating drugs? well i think that should be prescribed by the doctor.. btw, if you didnt have adhd, when younger, can you get it when your older?

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All signs point to me as having ADD as a child and i was not diagnosed with it until I was in my forties.

The trick to concentrating with ADD and no medication is to have a constant distraction. I could only study or do papers with the radio on or playing background music softly.
Your mind focuses on the music and on the schoolwork because you are stimulating your brain to act the way it wants to, there’s a better word but its early on the east coast so I will call it multitasking
It also helps you get into hyperfocus which is the state where all you are doing is concentrating on one task and will not break until you solve it.


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@srmorgan i dont think mine is Adhd, i was a quiet well behaved kid. i also remain still when im asked to. could it be because of that now im bursting of energy?

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“Studies show that approximately two thirds of adults with ADHD who are given these medications show significant improvement in ADHD symptoms.” -WebMD

How old are you fish4answers?

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Maybe try excercising. Wipe your self out then get in the shower before trying to focus on a project or work. That way, some of that extra energy will be eliminated.

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@fish4answers, ADHD and ADD are two different, but similar, disabilities. You can be quiet and well-behaved and still be distracted to the point of driving yourself crazy. You don’t have to have the hyperactivity. I was diagnosed as an adult as well. Signs in adults include: hard time with punctuality; tendency to create piles of papers, magazines, etc. because filing is almost impossible (messy desk at work); hyper multitasking, with difficulty working sequentially.

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Don’t rule out the possibility of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (“OCD”). Invasive thoughts as you’re trying to concentrate can be a symptom.

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Meditate and do some breathing exercises every day.

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Not going on Fluther too much helps me! Seriously.

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thanks guys! maybe im just distracted lately.. im thinking of alot of things.. chilling and relaxing helps..

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If you don’t like the suggestions and feel like you already know the answer, why did you ask?

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@cheebdragon, didn’t i follow ubersiren and janbb suggestions? its not add.

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