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What is your best cure for getting over a break up?

Asked by IBERnineD (7314points) July 1st, 2009
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I’m sorry, what I did was remember the good thing that happened between us, but that didn’t help so I moved on, he was my friend since 7th grade so it was kind of hard, especially the way he ended it. But now I love someone else and I’m happy. But it can be hard with older people since you’ve had more experience with it. So if it helps listen to music that you would not normally like and try not to think about that person, idk if what I just said will help you, but it helped me. Good Luck

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remove every thing that reminds you of him. then go out and have fun and meet new people. i won’t be surprise if you meet someone even better than him.

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Jude Law And A Semester Abroad by Brand New is always my first stop. Then follow @fish4answers advice. Actually, listening to that song is good to do with the getting rid of the reminders step.

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I forget her name – it is many years since I needed her.

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“The best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else.”

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Find something to keep your mind occupied; take classes, begin a hobby, read a good book, join a club or organization.

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break off contact, it only serves to make things worse.

give it time, we all need a little time to get over things like a bad breakup (not that there are good ones). In some ways it is like grieving for a loved one after a death.

You can’t just snap out of it, be patieint it will fade into the background,. Don’t rush into anything if you are not sure of yourself, the expression “on the rebound” has been around for a long time.

And no matters what the circumstances, keep your head high and maintain your self-esteem. What was not meant to be, was not meant to be.


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keep busy, learn to love yourself, spend quality time with friends and family and never lose hope that the “right one” is actually just out there looking for you.

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Talk it out through the opposite sex, a friend that is not trying to get down your pants. Just for someone to listen and relate to. But if you don’t have any guy friends like that, then just talk to a trust worthy girlfriend, and let time pass. You will move on eventially, preparing to move is the hardest part to me.

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booze booze and more booze

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So sorry, hang in there!

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Thanks for all the advice. I think this break up is a little harder than the ones I have experienced before, since it was mutual. We are just in different places in our lives, which makes it hard for right now.

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Last time I broke up with someone I listened to depressing music and moped for a semester, then went with @cheebdragon‘s advice. That combo seemed to work pretty well for me! :)

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Mourn the loss. Then get on with your life.

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