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Who know's what kind of insect(?) this is?

Asked by martijn86 (401points) July 1st, 2009

Is it a kind of moth, or a butterfly, or a stickinsect?
It looks like a Birch twig in every detail!

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It’s a moth for sure. Not sure of the name though.

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It looks like a moth to me. What part of the world is this moth from? Try submitting the photo to for an ID. There’s another site,, but they only focus on insects from the US and Canada.

I’ve never seen a moth like that—did you take the photo? Sure it isn’t photoshop? ;)

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I think it is called a wapendrager in Dutch or a Buff Tip Moth in English. It is found throughout Europe.

Somehow I figure you’re Dutch. Sorry if I am mistaken.

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