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Do you recommend any iPhone compatible bluetooth headsets?

Asked by daniel89x (280points) January 2nd, 2008

I’m looking to buy one in the future and was interested to hear if anyone on here has tried one that works well.

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the apple branded Bluetooth works as well as most and comes with charging dock and extra charging cable, even though it is pricier than most. Heard good things about the Jawbone, but another good first-hand rec is the plantronics voyager series due to their proprietary noise cancelling technology.

Also a good bang for the buck and less hassle / problems with clarity is to go with the wired kind-I really like the v-moda vibe duo earphones as they come with the button on the mic that doubles as a pause/play button when listening to the iPod, but mutes/ends calls when on a phone call. With one earphones off and one on it still functions in accordance with the law when driving…

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