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Why are Michael Jacksons kids white?

Asked by evolverevolve (520points) July 1st, 2009

They say he had a disease or something that changed the color of his skin, but wouldn’t his DNA still be that of a black man, so why are his kids white?

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because they’re not really his kids.

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Their mother was white, and so his kids are of mixed heritage, as are most Americans.

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The older two childrens mother said he was not the father of them. Both of the biological parents were likely white. The last one was adopted also.

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They are not his kids. His plastic surgeon provided the sperm.

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I stand corrected. I didn’t realize that he was ompletely out of the loop.

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I thought that his changing the color of his skin was deliberately done by plastic surgeons or other doctors?

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They’re adopted.

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I think that his youngest is potentially biologically his, and there may be too few photos to be able to tell if he’s multiracial or not… although unless they’re straightening his hair it’s pretty unlikely. The older two on the other hand are definitely not his biological kids. When they were little they were blonde, for pete’s sake!

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either way, his estate’s paying for their therapy for years….

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@eponymoushipster And thank goodness for that. They’re gonna need it…

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@fireinthepriory word. those kids are gonna be so messed up, we’re all guaranteed years of great tabloid fodder. how could they possibly grow up normally?

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@eponymoushipster Yeah… not a great chance of that happening! So many parents end up damaging their kids when they try to protect them, and this looks like the epitome of that kind of situation. Those poor kids.

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they’re plastic

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MJ’s dermatologist used his sperm on an anonymous woman’s eggs for each baby. Debbie Rowe, the dermatologist’s receptionist, carried and bore both babies. They aren’t hers either. In vitro.

MJ may have had his own sperm used for the last baby by an unknown mother. Apparently, his lawyer delivered the baby to him. MJ may not have met the BM at all.

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@aprilsimnel MJ, it seems, was always using his sperm for babies.

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And, like many folks of African ancestry in the United States, not all of MJ’s ancestors were necessarily black.

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I have been wondering this myself recently because the kids don’t even look mixed race (although they do have a beautiful mediterranean look). I didn’t know they weren’t biologically his chidren.

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@Leanne1986 No one “knows” for sure if they are biologically his. I mean, looking at them, of course you can tell they aren’t biological, but he’s always said they were.

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Sheesh! How do mixed race people look? Like this and this and this and this among other things.

My son has caramel skin, a wide nose and nappy hair. My daughter has white skin, a narrow nose and curly hair. Both are mixed race children with one black parent, but most people “assume” my daughter is white.

Maybe MJ was biologically related to his children, and maybe not. In any case, he considered himself their father and they consider him their dad, and his mother considers them her grandbabies. What else matters?

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@Darwin I agree with you that they’re his children no matter what. He raised and loved them.

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perhaps he had sex with a white women?

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@mzdesigns i know all the words in what you just said, but i’ve never seen them in the same sentence.

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I hope people leave Michael’s kids alone. Forget the DNA because they are his kids no matter what and they have been through enough. As far as they know, they are Michael’s and it breaks my heart to think that someone would force a DNA test and in the event they weren’t flesh in blood, they would become devastated. The kids were raised by Michael, don’t harm them more than needed.

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