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Are there countries enjoying more freedom than the United States?

Asked by mattbrowne (31719points) July 1st, 2009

Just curious.

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This depends on your definition of freedom. Different cultures value different aspects of freedom.

This blog has an interesting perspective from an American in Sweden.

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Canadians have it pretty good.

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I’m more interested in your perspective rather than my own. What says @mattbrowne ?

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I have a friend who has lived in Iran, England, China, Turkey, Australia, and America. I asked him what, in his opinion, set Americans apart from the rest of the world. He said the biggest difference between us and everyone else is how much intellectual freedom we enjoy, and how well-protected free speech is. So I’m inclined to say based on his experiences that no, we probably do enjoy more freedom than any other country.

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And Arby’s is open 24/7

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I think Somalia has more freedom than americans, since there is pretty much no government anyways. But I don’t know if they are enjoying it…

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I’d say Canada. Smoking weed right in front of cops, it’s a beautiful thing.

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LGBT people have more freedoms in a few other countries than in the U.S. It all depends on one’s perspective.

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whats freedom? like americans know what that is…

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Depending on the state in the US perhaps- generally speaking there are no great differencies between for example the EU and the USA regarding “freedom” of individuals.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies – Well, although I’ve traveled many countries in Europe the two countries I know best are Germany and the United States. In total, the “degree” of freedom is about the same, but there are differences in the details. When it comes to interpreting the freedom of speech the US has virtually no restrictions. In Germany it’s illegal to promote mass murder and Nazism. Say, you’re invited to a talk show and you say ‘I support Adolf Hitlers ideas’, a district attorney will press charges and a court ruling (depending on the overall context) will probably result in having to pay a large fine.

On the other hand, in Germany there’s for example the freedom to breast-feed a baby in public, the freedom of enjoying a bottle of beer for 20-year-old adults and there are also alcohol sales on Sundays at train and gas stations. Still there are also restrictions for stores which want to open on Sunday (the idea is protection of employees who want to attend church on Sunday mornings and spend time with their families).

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Yes, the “alcohol”-thing is in the EU very much more “free” than in the USA… it is always very… intreeging for us europeans to be asked for an ID while purchasing a bottle of wine…

I was born in Germany… and understand perfectly why there is a zero-tolerance to… sorry for the word… Nazi-Sh*t.

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