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How do you attain higher consciousness?

Asked by minolta (328points) July 1st, 2009

Do you have any methods to higher your consciousness?

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You don’t.

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Through understanding beauty and art. Altered states of consciousness. And most certainly meditation.
This site is a vague overview on your road to a higher consciousness.

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Define “higher consciousness”. If it is the pop-psychology theory (involving psychokinesis or whatever), then it is impossible.

What is possible is becoming more aware of your surroundings. That isn’t “higher consciousness” per se, it’s just paying attention.

I’m also under the impression that you can create different “conscious states” through meditation by allowing your consciousness to drift and allowing your subconscious mind to take over a larger portion of your active brain.

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Aim to. Then work at it.

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What does it even mean for consciousness to be high or low? Is consciousness really the sort of thing that prepositions like that can reasonably be applied to?

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It’s a difficult question to answer, because you can go in so many directions.

To borrow from “The Matrix,” Do not try to bend the spoon. That’s impossible… instead only try to realize the truth, that there is no spoon.

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Another relevant quote attributed to Einstein:

Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them.

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Higher than where?
Where you @?
Do tell….

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Raise your awareness and explore new territory. If you truly mean “high” and are looking for drug recommendations, well, that realm is not foreign to me, but you will need to PM me to discuss it (I avoid such discussion among, what is, a relatively unknown audience). See ya…

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@whatthefluther Oh, as if.

Go Salvia. It’s still legal in the states, last I heard. Not unlike cannabis in form and intake, but a different experience altogether. If you want to get into… seedier things… then feel free to ask about them.

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Salvia’s also about $25 a g, and over $80 for a g of the 70x stuff.. mind you, you’ll leave this planet if you smoke that.

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@TabernakAttack Meh, it’s a relatively short high. All the times I’ve smoked it, it lasted only about an hour or two, with a buzz for the rest of the day.

But yes, it is powerful for the duration, particularly the 60x + stuff.

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Break out the Roor, fill it with ice cubes and some ice cold water, pack the bowl with some of the dankiest dankalicious homegrown this side of Humboldt county…

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@Grisaille An hour?! Are you sure it wasn’t crack? Salvia’s full effect lasts about 2 minutes, and in all the cases I’ve heard from friend’s no more than 10 minutes. I’d be afraid of tripping out on salvia for a full hour.

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I smoke from a vaporizer.

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I was going to send this to you as a PM, because it’s rather involved (and is fodder for ridicule) but here goes…

Regarding your higher consciousness question, IMHO it requires getting a little kooky. I would say that I’ve experienced a degree of consciousness raising and believe I understand it, but really (based on my behavior) wouldn’t claim higher consciousness.

My personal definition/method/process began by picking up and reading this book on a lark. I thought the title looked interesting, etc. What it did mainly was show me what I now believe to be the truth about 9/11 (that it was made to or allowed to happen by “globalist” powers). Accepting that “truth,” led me to question lots of other stuff, which led me to learning about and trying on all kinds of crazy ideas about how the world turns. All in all, I think it has been a more damaging process than enlightening, but a lot of that is because I haven’t turned the corner on recognizing and aligning with “good” higher powers and not giving my fear over to the “bad.” If you think of this along the lines of “The Wizard of Oz” and other stories where monsters disappear once the kid stops being afraid of them, that’s kind of what I mean. Right now, I would say that I’m too concerned with the taxonomy of the monsters.

One thing to realize and that will get in your way is that “The Powers that Be” have a vested interest in keeping consciousness lowered. The reason is that it makes populations easier to control. The Romans, for example, were given bread and circuses. So long as their belly was full, and they had their equivalent of TV, internal order could be kept. (Christianity became the official Roman religion for similar reasons.) So the lesson from that is that you’re not going to get the capital “T” truth from a trusted authority or from the majority opinion. As Neil Armstrong said (addressing some students), “Today we have with us a group of students, among America’s best. To you we say we have only completed a beginning. We leave you much that is undone. There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth’s protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief…”

To me, going “beyond belief” is kind of what it’s about… going beyond what is conventionally thought to be true. For example, really sinking your teeth into this “fact,” that the moon is the exact size and distance from the earth to block the sun and it doesn’t rotate on an axis, so the same side always faces earth. So, is that a natural phenomenon or “man” made? Is it really reasonable to believe that we went to the moon 40 years ago with the computing power of a pocket calculator and haven’t been back since?

Ask enough of those questions with an open mind and it will definitely change your sense of reality.

Again, I am only aspiring to live this in my daily life (since I wouldn’t call myself a particularly happy, enlightened person), but a lot of it brings one back to the basics—namely a moment by moment choice between responding with and emanating fear and love. Fear is the tool of The Powers that Be, and it’s what maintains control over people. We are scared of poverty, for example, so we clamor for money. Well, who controls the money (and the taxes that go along with it)? Qui bono? Our lives are dominated by petroleum, but if you dig around you’ll learn that cars can be built to run on water and that there’s strong evidence of other energy technology that is being suppressed. Why?

Those are just examples, but hopefully it illustrates the idea that all we see is not all that is.

So here’s a weird question… is it possible that movies (as vehicles for mass culture—some would say mind control) hide these truths in plain sight under the guise of science fiction? The Matrix, Star Wars (“that’s no moon”), and Wall-E (regarding global warming, which I believe is a mixture of truth and lies designed to create new, taxable behaviors, possibly to replace old, taxable behaviors). The Golden Compass is a stellar example, and what gives you a glimpse of the truth (of a majesterium-like body and it’s desire to control personal power, which is substantial) is the distraction of the real world controversy at the time of it’s release about animalistic souls and the movie’s anti-religious roots.

All of that, though—the conspiracy type stuff, I mean, is in and of itself kind of a distraction, I think, from consciousness raising. It’s a stepping stone to pry off the lid, but the real work is more along the lines of recognizing one’s connection to a universal consciousness or creator or what have you and growing in that connection. Again IMHO, that’s where religion derails people, because it steps in between the person and that awareness (for the purpose of control). You don’t need a superstructure to climb and claw your way to heaven, for example, because you’re already connected. You just need to be open to the connection. It’s like Dorothy and her ruby red slippers. She thinks she needs to do x, y & z to get back home, but all she really needs to do is become self aware. Imagine if she refused to believe that all she had to do was tap her heels together three times and say “there’s no place like home” because gee isn’t that stupid? Maybe we refuse to believe things or at least be open to them in a similar way.

One last analogy… did you ever see the Simpsons episode where Homer had his hand caught in the soda vending machine? He spent all day stuck and at the end someone asked him if he was still holding on to the can. When he let go, he was free. I think that applies broadly to the question of raising one’s consciousness and part of the answer is to let go of the soda can (or any aspect of consumerism or other dogma). We give over our power to those things willingly, don’t we? When you stop and think about it, what’s worth more our power or a trinket? We think it’s the trinket, but at some level the people who make the trinkets know better.

Going back to fear vs. love… for more about the metaphysics of this, see my earlier response to this question.

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@kevbo….When I opened your link, I half expected to find this, followed by you telling of your peyote experiences. I don’t know what I was thinking! Oops, I think I just had another flashback….I think I will just sit back and enjoy it…

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Your book is probably a healthier read.

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Enjoy a healthy diet of Terrence McKenna, Alan Watts, and Groucho Marx.

And never take the seriousness of your existence seriously.

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