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What sort of atmosphere do your dreams have?

Asked by fathippo (746points) July 1st, 2009

I notice that whatever im dreaming or wherever i am in dreams, they always have the same kinda feeling, which is a bit uneasy and ominous, maybe clouded over with a sense of being on edge… maybe.. its difficult to explain…
But i was wondering do you always have the same kind of ambience surrounding everything or does it change according to what you dream about? =)

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I have a similar experience. I hardly ever happy dreams. Wish I did.

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the dreams that i remember always contain violence and death (including my own).
fyrius probably dreams of him failing linguistics exams :D

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It varies more for me.

The dreams I remember best are of exciting adventures, having furious fire-fights, combining efforts with friends to defeat the killer robot while stuck in the middle ages, fleeing and hiding throughout my old high school at night while pursued by a man who wants to use the mysterious glowing object I found for evil purposes, bombing the old hospital where the evil military are turning people into zombies, or witnessing a deceptive professor messing up reality and turning the world into surrealistic chaos.

Sometimes my dreams are gentle and involve a lot of romantic tension. Sometimes they involve me falling in love with girls I know and sometimes with non-existent ones.

And very rarely I also have nightmares that have me wake up disturbed. I documented one involving schizophrenic insanity, and later on, finding corpses and severed body parts lying around on the sides of a quiet road.

Other dreams are just mundane, having an atmosphere of mild surprise at a coincidence or minor resentment at the things someone says.

Most of my dreams combine elements of the above.

I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of failing linguistics exams, though. That’s such a realistic thing to worry about. That’s not like me at all.

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Something along the lines of the Matrix…

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79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 1% other gases.

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I have a wide range of dreams. Sometimes I will be very much aware that i’m dreaming and I can do whatever I want, like i’ll be running around a city and i’ll think: I should have a car, and then i’ll have a car…or i should be able to fly, and then i’ll start flying. Those are my favorite dreams. On the other hand i’ll have bad nightmarish dreams where i’ll think i’m awake and horrible things will start happening and everything is so real. I can also wake up from dreams, and think to myself: that was a nice dream I want to go back to it, then fall back asleep and continue the dream. I wouldn’t say the ambience is always the same, it changes depending on the dream.

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I envy your lucid dreams and your ability to continue interrupted dreams.

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Filled with absurdities or an almost drunken state of confusion.

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Some of my dreams take place during the day, and some at night.

The day ones have a bit of a hazy feel to them, and there usually isn’t a sun. It’s just light. But other than that, they’re everything looks just like it does in waking life.

Night dreams are similar, except it’s darker. I can still see everything fine, but it just happens to be night. It’s hard to explain. It isn’t much different from a day time dream, but I know it’s night.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed, is that whenever I have a lucid dream (usually at least two or three dreams per week,) as soon as I realize that I’m dreaming I look around and am surprised at how real everything is, and I start exploring things, amazed at the freedom I have to go touch that tree over there, or look for bugs in those shrubs, or see what’s behind that building. It’s possible to do exactly the same thing in waking life, but I would never think to, since I take waking life for granted. But it’s fun, and I’ve been pretending I’m dreaming sometimes just because I don’t like how I take the world for granted in my waking state.

Hell, for all I know I’m dreaming right now. With dreams that take place indoors sometimes it’s hard to tell. I’ve had plenty of almost lucid dreams, where I ask myself if I’m dreaming and conclude that I’m not, then wake up and realize that I was.

Maybe you are dreaming right now. Yes, I think you are. Go explore the world, it looks so real, doesn’t it? Isn’t it amazing what your brain is capable of creating while you are asleep in your bed? And isn’t it amazing how beautiful and full of things the world is in waking life?

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Similar to yours. Sort of a scary (or scarier) version of Alice in Wonderland. I don’t usually have pleasant dreams.

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For some reason, my dreams seem to be filmed by a camera with vaseline on the lens. Danielle Steele seems to have written the script.

Oh crap. I can’t carry this on any more.

Sometimes it’s J.K. Rowling (I do love walking up invisible stairs until I reach floating height).

Sometimes it’s Hitchcock or maybe someone else—not so much scary, as creepy.

Sometimes it’s one of those porn houses, except, almost always, I get woken just before the moment of climax. Sigh.

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I have that feeling sometimes as well. I have a different type of belief system when it comes to dream interpretations. But I believe that when you get this feeling of uneasiness and when that feeling stays with you upon waking then you are being given a message. That feeling exists to prompt you to be aware of what is going on. Once you start being aware the scariness of the feeling becomes less significant and moreso the feeling becomes exciting and expected.

And I say sometimes this happens for me because I do not believe all dreams are intended for this purpose. I do believe that some dreams are our unconscious just helping us out and others are just random tidbits. However the dreams that leave us with a “strange” feeling in the morning, one that you just can’t shape, those are the ones to pay attention to.

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dreadfully (and sometimes monotonously) realistic.

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Sometimes I remember my dreams and I have a lot of vivid colors in a darkness of cobalt blue. Some occur in water at night but I know the water is blue, some occur at dawn where the sky is so beautiful. Sometimes I fly, it is just weird now that I think of it. It must be because it is something I like? I too, have continued an interrupted dream but those are the scary, or violent ones, I go back in to change the outcome.
I also see my father in my dreams, he doesn’t talk to me, he is at a distance because I know he is gone.

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