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Where would we go if we all went on a Fluther Roadtrip?

Asked by Grisaille (12048points) July 1st, 2009

Jonsblonde sparked the idea earlier today, and I was thinking… what would you like to see, and where would we go?

Hey, we can dream, can’t we?

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Hope ya all come to my house. I will fire up the grill!

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Snorkeling for jellies, of course.

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Also to note: all of that intelligence on a myriad of subjects in one area would probably tear a hole in the universe.

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Seeing as how the bendrew is in Paris, It would stand to reason, Paris.

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Yup then pop over the channel (or under it if you fancy) and come round for a bbq @ mine!! We can all share the lurve!!

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Can we go to Perfection NM?

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How about Washington, DC? We could all sit on Abe’s lap.

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Fluther has, without a doubt, the most attractive community on the net. That said, I’m sure Abe would pop a Lincoln Log if we did such a thing.

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@Grisaille Might be good for him after all these years, LOL.

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1st and 1st avenue in new york. the nexus of the universe.

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My ass it is.

I’m a Columbus Circle/Union Square guy, though.

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Be sure to pop by Boston.

I’ll show you around.

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We could all go inner tubing on a lazy river somewhere. I can picture us now, thousands of jellies floating down a river in Colorado or Wisconsin (my two favorite spots). <Passes a beer to Grisaille while floating down stream.>

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Ahhh… that sounds magnificent.

Gently floating off. All of us, not a care in the wor—

* hits rock *

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What about a leap off the sky tower on Auckland, we could soak up a bit of sun then break a world record for the most amout of intellectuals to jump of a single building in one day!!

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@sakura: Who holds the record now?

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Probably jail by the time it is all said and done.

serves you all right for letting me do the talking when the cops pulled us over

Grisaille's avatar

Seriously, why’d you let him know about the 40 kilos in the trunk?

All he asked was if we were having a good day

Blondesjon's avatar

You mean the 39 and a half kilos in the trunk and…

…what were we talking about again?

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The 37 kilos in the trunk, right next to the small Asian boy.

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oh fuck. . .he’s still there?

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Apple River is no lazy river.

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He’s been there since we stopped off in Vegas.

It’s @jonsblond‘s fault for wanting you guys to “be more like Brangelina”, or whatever.

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@Garebo Neither is The Arkansas in Colorado. We just did class IV/V whitewater rafting. Best experience of my life!

@Grisaille I do like an adventure.

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@jonsblond That excuse ain’t gonna get us outta jail, now is it?

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You brave girl. I prefer the lazy rivers now.

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If you’re looking for a river, the Current River in Missouri is pretty chill. And for those of us who feel the need to be more active, they also rent canoes.
But why would you canoe when you could float?

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Meet me at Peachtree and Peachtree in Hotlanta and we’ll start from there. We would have a big caravan of at least forty buses in a row.

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Perhaps we should do a round the world road trip and include everyones ideas they all sound like fun :) @breedmitch I have no idea as to wh holds the record? But it sounds like fun :)

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