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I have recurring themes in dreams, can anyone tell me what they mean?

Asked by fathippo (746points) July 1st, 2009

Firstly, a lot I have dreams where i am pushed underwater, or water is pushed on to me (like once there were these trees thrashing their branches around and every time they hit the ground it splashed water out submerged me). But what happens is that i can always take little shallow breaths when i am seemingly completely under, and when im being pushed around or whatever. I guessed this might just be because i am breathing in real life.
Also, a lot i am around people, but always feel completely disconnected from them, like cant see their faces, or know of their presence, but not who they are or what they’re doing there
Also ever since i was about 3/4 sitting in cars and they start moving uncontrollably, which always scares me, but i think its got less and less threatening as i got older, and seem to make some effort at driving, whereas before it ended up someone turning up and stopping it.
Lastly, hiding from these alien things, that starts with a noise like that war of the worlds thing, but it always ends with everyone really confused…
Lastly again, what about when you hear music? the other night I heard Waste by Seether so clearly and in my dream i was crying so much because it sounded so amazing…

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